27 Websites That Pay via Payoneer

Let’s look at the websites that accept Payoneer payments. Money can be received in a variety of ways all across the world.

However, as a freelancer, your options for withdrawing funds into a local bank account are restricted.

I am sure you have heard of PayPal. However, Payoneer is an excellent alternative to PayPal, particularly in the marketplace and affiliate marketing worlds.

Some nations are now prohibiting the creation of PayPal businesses, which may be utilized in the marketplace for individuals who work and earn money online.

Here is a complete list of PayPal’s prohibited and permitted countries.

This poses a major difficulty for those living in prohibited nations, underscoring the need for Payoneer.

The only drawback is that not enough platforms and marketplaces accept Payoneer as a method of collecting money earned online.

This is what I’ll be covering in-depth, with notes explaining what each platform accomplishes and links to these platforms for quick sign-ups if you’re interested in joining any of them.

Let’s get started right now.

Sites That Accept Payoneer Payments

Some sites listed below accept payments through other payment processors such as PayPal, Skrill, and Stripe, but also accept Payoneer as an approved payment processor.

Don’t be surprised if you see names like Google and YouTube since you may get paid from these websites using Payoneer.

1. Google AdWords

Have you ever used Google to look up information? For website owners that work with Google, the search engine giant offers many payment options.

If you have a blog or another form of website, you may earn money from Google and withdraw it via Payoneer. Placing the Google Adsense code on your website is one way to earn money from Google.

2. Monetization of YouTube Ads

Another online giant that requires no introduction is YouTube. Based on the characteristics they supply, the video hosting platform rewards video owners for their views. It also accepts payments using Payoneer.

3. Clickbank

An amazing website that offers digital products to individuals all around the world. If you join their affiliate network and start selling their products with your own code,

You could earn money for each sale that is made using your unique link. ClickBank has also included Payoneer as a payment mechanism.

4. UpWork

Upwork, one of the biggest freelancing platforms, gives its clients access to a large pool of freelancers from across the world.

Clients advertise their requirements, and qualified freelancers apply for specific jobs. Those that have been paid can use Payoneer to withdraw payments from Upwork.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is unquestionably the market leader in terms of delivering the widest network of freelancing opportunities to both customers and sellers.

It began as a $5 service and now offers any virtual service to consumers worldwide.

The $5 limit is no longer in effect. Clients may choose from a pool of freelancers, and freelancers can charge whatever they like. Payment withdrawals using Payoneer are also supported by Fiverr.

More websites worldwide that accept Payoneer as a payment method

  1. Shareasale
  2. Amazon Associate
  3. Ezoic
  4. Envato
  5. Istockphoto
  6. 99designs
  7. Expert360
  8. Amazon
  9. Teespring
  10. Guru
  11. Problogger
  12. Dailymotion
  13. Graphicriver
  14. Depositphotos
  15. Seoclerks
  16. Everyday Motion
  17. Freelancer
  18. Paykickstart
  19. Ysense
  20. Impact Radius
  21. PeoplePerHour
  22. Airbnb
  23. Fiverr Affiliate?

Where Can I Use Payoneer

It’s simple. The Payoneer card is just as good as the MasterCard. The card can be used whenever electronic payments are accepted and MasterCard is accepted.

It can be used to withdraw cash or make purchases at automated teller machines (ATMs), as well as in conventional businesses and online.

When making online purchases with MasterCard merchants, you can use your Payoneer card instead of your standard credit or debit card.

You may use a virtual card to make purchases online in the same manner that you would use a real card, by entering your card information on the page where you complete the transaction.

You can access and use your cash by using Payoneer services such as Withdrawal to Bank and making purchases with the virtual card provided by Payoneer.

Due to the legal complexities connected with internet gambling, the Payoneer Card cannot be used to make transactions on online gambling websites.

Is Swagbucks Payoneer Compatible?

Yes, the simple answer is yes. Swagbucks is a survey aggregator that pays you for filling out surveys. Since 2008, Prodege has owns it.

In addition to Swagbucks, Progede owns Inbox dollars and MyPoints from the same category, as well as CouponCause, ShopAtHome, Upromise, and Hisense.

Swagbucks will reward you for shopping at your favourite stores, discovering the best deals, printing coupons, browsing the web, watching videos, and taking surveys for money.

Swagbucks, on the other hand, awards you with points rather than cash, unlike some of its competitors. When you reach the minimum level, you can swap your points for cash or gift cards.

This is how it works:

The first step in using Swagbucks and being paid for surveys is to sign up for an account. To do so, you must provide your email address (which must be valid) as well as a password.

As a new member, you will earn a $10 welcome bonus. However, unlike InboxDollars, it will not be available to you immediately.

You must spend at least $25 to unlock the bonus for creating a Swagbucks account. Remember that only purchases in certain categories from eligible retailers count.

Your purchase will be repaid within 32 days, and you will get your bonus shortly thereafter.

When you sign up with Swagbucks, you will be asked to complete your user profile so that you may participate in surveys.

Not everyone is qualified to participate since each market researcher or firm has different demographic needs.

As a consequence, Swagbucks will ask you questions about your age, gender, marital and employment status, and so on, so that you may receive surveys tailored to your demographic.

You can start earning money with Swagbucks now that your profile is complete.

Can I Use Payoneer to Make Online Payments?

Yes, it is the fundamental explanation. The fee is decided by whether you pay in the same currency as the recipient’s bank account or whether you must convert the currency.

The costs are shown on the Costs page of your Payoneer account.

Payoneer lets you provide your clients with the option of paying in the currency of their choice by credit card, local bank transfer, or their Payoneer account.

The Payoneer prepaid Mastercard is a worldwide card that may be used in almost any nation and on practically any website.

If the merchant or their processor accepts prepaid cards, you should have no trouble using the card online.

Payoneer is an innovative digital payment platform for businesses. You can conduct business locally or with overseas enterprises in over 150 countries across the world.

Payoneer is an excellent choice for freelancers, e-commerce, affiliate marketers, drop shippers, marketplace vendors, and company owners (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and so on),

As well as specialists who are paid from outside the nation. Their major focus is on corporations and small and medium-sized businesses.

Payoneer can be used in three different ways:

  • Making and receiving company payments
  • pay VAT on eCommerce purchases.
  • transfer money across currencies.

Sending or receiving business payments:

You can transfer funds to their Payoneer accounts (or in a batch of up to 200 payments at once).

Follow these procedures to pay eCommerce VAT:

VAT authorities in Europe and the United Kingdom can be paid using funds in your EUR and GBP accounts.

To transfer money across currencies:

When you use Payoneer to transfer funds, they use the current market rate and deduct a 0.5% charge from the amount sent.

Payoneer account types

Payoneer accounts are classified as Sender or Receiver.

People and organizations using the sender account can make international payments to domestic businesses.

People and enterprises who want to receive payments in foreign or local currencies, convert funds to local currency, and deposit funds into a local bank account should open a receiver account.

Can I Use Payoneer to Pay Amazon?

The quick answer is yes. Payoneer offers cutting-edge solutions designed specifically for international eCommerce merchants.

If you are an Amazon seller, Payoneer allows you to receive payments from Amazon into your Payoneer account, from which you may transfer the cash directly to your local bank in your country’s currency.

Furthermore, merchants can use the balances in their collection accounts to make local payments in that region’s currency at no additional cost to the vendor.

Furthermore, the expenses connected with overseas payments are far cheaper than those paid by banks, amounting to up to 70% less.

Payoneer is accepted as a payment method in the following online markets:

  • Amazon.com (United States) (United States)
  • Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom) (United Kingdom)
  • Amazon.fr (France) (France)
  • Amazon.it (Italy) Amazon.de (Germany) (Italy)
  • Amazon.es (Spain) (Spain)

If your seller account has a positive balance, Amazon will either make a payment to your bank account or charge your credit card once every 14 days.

Amazon will start payment to your bank account if your seller account has a good balance.

Amazon payments are sent by an Automated Clearing House (ACH) or electronic money transfer to the account you have on file with your preferred payment service or bank.

When your Amazon payments are completed, the money appears typically in your account within three to five business days.

Can I use Payoneer to pay Fiverr?

The simple answer is that if you already have a Payoneer account, you may use it to accept payments from other platforms and consumers in different countries.

Sign in to your Fiverr account, go to the Selling tab, and then click the Earnings drop-down menu.

A set of buttons readily locates several alternatives for withdrawing money from your Fiverr account.

Payoneer is a payment platform based in the United States that allows you to receive money from people all over the world and send money to them.

Following the setting up of your Payoneer account, there are a few steps to do in order to be paid on Fiverr.

Sellers on Fiverr have two options for withdrawing their earnings from the marketplace.

The funds may be sent to the seller’s Fiverr Revenue card, also known as the Payoneer Mastercard, or withdrawn directly to the seller’s bank account using Payoneer.

Last Thought

Payoneer is without a doubt one of the safest and simplest ways to secure your money on the Internet now that we have developed websites that accept Payoneer payments.

Withdrawing money is easy. Concentrate on making money from any of the sites mentioned above, and you will soon rule the internet.