AliDropship Custom Store Review & Case Study Guide 2022

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This article is an honest review of AliDropship’s custom store packages. We will not only cover the features and benefits of using one of these packages but also present an actual store that was made using the service. 

We’ve also included a 15% discount coupon, which you can find further down the page or in our alidropship custom store discount post. 

If you’re in a hurry, we’ve provided an Artice Summary just below:    

Summary of the Article: AliDropship’s Custom Store Service is suitable for people who wish to build dropshipping stores but lack either experience, technical knowledge, or time. As a result, AliDropship’s custom store-building service is quite popular, and we highly recommend knowing more about it by reading this article or visiting the AliDropship website for more details. 

We’ve included a 15% discount on all AliDropship Custom Stores, so make sure to take advantage of it because we’re not sure how long they’ll offer it. 

So, with everything out of the way, let’s get into the service in this alidropship custom store review! 

What is an AliDropshop Custom Dropship Store?

A custom dropship store made with the AliDropship plugin is just an e-commerce store. 

The plugin allows you to convert a standard WordPress website into an e-commerce store that is simple to use and has all of the functionality you need to focus on the main aim of expanding your online business. 

AliDropship offers a personal store creation service in which they do all of the heavy work and create a fully functional dropshipping website with as much input from you as you like if you have ideas. 

Furthermore, AliDropship has a range of pre-made storefronts that you can purchase rather than having one custom-made for you. These are a little less expensive. These are discussed in our Alidropship premium store review and case study. 

Why Buy a Custom AliDropship Store? 

There are multiple reasons why you might wish to buy an AliDropship custom store, and we’ve listed them all in this AliDropship custom store review: 

Zero prior experience is required.

Everyone starts at zero, and this should not prevent you from getting into the game and learning. 

Once you’ve bought a custom store package, you’ll be assigned a dedicated manager who is well-versed in the process of selecting and establishing a dropshipping store. 

This means you don’t need any prior knowledge, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from this committed management and get a masterclass on the entire process of beginning and creating a successful dropshipping business. 

It saves time. 

Starting a new business takes time, especially if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. However, knowing that AliDropship has created the web store means that you can be confident that everything is in order and that you can get your dropshipping business up and running quickly. 

Furthermore, it means that you can either spend time setting up other aspects of your dropshipping business or simply rest. 

Hands-off setup

As previously stated, your dedicated manager will conduct research, analysis, and creation of your dropshipping business. 

You will have the last say on any decisions, but for less experienced consumers, unless you designate differently, this will be a hands-off method. 

They will handle niche selection, competitor analysis, theme setup, hosting & SSL (if ordered separately), product selection and importing, payment gateway setup, and other tasks. 

Depth Market Research Analysis and Niche Selection 

The quantity of competition within a specific niche is a big deciding factor (at least for less experienced store owners) …. Too much and you’ll struggle to stand out and compete; too little and you may find it difficult to break into the sector. 

This is where a strong eye for niche selection, as well as the ability to precisely examine a niche and determine whether it’s worth pursuing, comes in handy. 

Because AliDropship’s dedicated manager does this regularly, they’re bound to be good at it. 

This is one of the most significant advantages of getting an AliDropship Custom Store Package. You’re ensuring that you have the best chance of making the eCommerce store a success from the start. 

Complete Store Ownership 

Once the custom store is developed, it is all yours, no questions asked. You are now the legal owner of the store, and you can promote, succeed, and even sell it if that is your exit strategy. 

Immediately available for orders 

You can begin accepting orders as soon as you acquire your AliDropship dropshipping business. This allows you to concentrate on promoting your online store and driving traffic to your website. 

Unlimited Product Import 

Your custom AliDropship store can hold an endless number of products. This means you can build huge collections and ensure that there is a product for every customer who visits your store. 

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Adding products is quick and easy with the integrated AliDropship plugin that comes with your store. Simply download the AliDropship Chrome browser extension, connect it to your WordPress plugin using an API key, and start importing products from AliExpress with a few mouse clicks. 

Order Fulfillment Automation indefinitely 

One of the best features of AliDropship is automatic order fulfillment which allows you to fulfill all of your orders at once with the touch of a button. 

AliDropship connects to your AliExpress account as long as you are logged in with your browser, and the plugin will then order each of the products, taking note of variants, and will automatically enter the customer’s shipping information. 

All you have to do at the end of the checkout process is click the ‘Confirm and Pay’ button, and all of your orders will be fulfilled. 

Rapid turnaround 

There will be somewhat various turnaround times depending on the package you choose, but all of them are amazingly rapid when you realize you’ll be receiving a fully operating e-commerce store. 

12-15 Business Days for Ali Dropship Basic Store 

15-20 Business Days for Ali Dropship Advanced Store 

20-25 Business Days for Ali Dropship Ultimate Store 

There is no timetable for AliDropship Supreme Store. 

Upgrades & Lifetime Support 

With the online store, you’ll get lifetime technical support, assistance, and free software upgrades. This is incredibly invaluable, and when combined with the fact that they provide an abundance of learning tools, you’re set up for success. 

Free Store Promotional Materials 

AliDropship’s website is continually updated with new niche recommendations, marketing strategies, case studies, FAQ answers, and learning aids to assist its customers. 

After all, why should it not be in their best interests for their consumer to succeed? Because a more successful business that employs AliDropship will amass more customer success stories and positive testimonials to share on their website, resulting in more future purchases for AliDropship.

What’s the Price of a Custom AliDropship Store? 

So, there are four distinct custom shop package options available, which include the following:  

  • Basic Store: $299 
  • Advanced Store: $499 
  • Ultimate Store: $899 
  • Supreme Store: $2899  

We were able to get some AliDropship custom store discount codes that will save you 15%! 

These savings are listed straight below. 

AliDropship Custom Store Discount 

Below we’ve included all of the available AliDropship custom store discounts that are available: 

AliDropship Basic Custom Store: $254.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here 

AliDropship Advanced Custom Store: $424.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here 

AliDropship Ultimate Custom Store: $764.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here 

AliDropship Supreme Custom Store: $2464 (15% off) – Get Discount here 

AliDropship Custom Store Case Study 

The following are some examples of custom stores built with AliDropship. 

As you can see, these sites appear quite professional and appear to be trustworthy sites from which you would most likely contemplate purchasing things. 

Visit our AliDropship custom store examples review post for a complete SEO and UX analysis of these sites. 




Comparison of AliDropship Custom Store Packages 

Market Research 

All packages include niche research, which is done by your dedicated manager to determine the finest niches in terms of business longevity, competition, and prospective profitability. 

For novice entrepreneurs, the niche research process can be fairly hard because they do not consider things like seasonality and may fail to appropriately gauge the level of competition within an industry. 

Domain domain is included with each bundle, which would normally cost around $10 if registered separately (don’t worry, they transfer ownership to you once they are done setting upset your eCommerce store up). 

A website’s design, especially an e-commerce site, is everything. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that the site not only looks amazing but also provides a perfect and professional user experience. 

Each package comes with its design, which includes a logo, header pictures, a favicon, and banner images. 


Following Google’s mobile-first indexing change, website owners were under increased pressure to ensure that their sites were mobile-friendly and adaptable. 

As more shoppers use mobile devices to shop online, it’s critical to provide them with a positive customer buying experience, so that they will be more likely to trust your brand and buy from your store. 

Each plan includes mobile-friendly and adaptable websites. 

Plugin for AliDropship

Each of the packages, as expected, includes the AliDropship plugin, which powers the entire store. 


The number of products that can be added to your store is unlimited for each of the bundles. 

However, each bundle will include a varied number of pre-imported products chosen by your personal manager. 

  • 50 pre-imported products in the basic store 
  • 100 pre-imported products at Advanced Store 
  • 200 pre-imported products at the Ultimate Store 
  • 500 pre-imported products at Supreme Store 

Ability to Track Orders 

Each of the bundles contains the AliDropship plugin, which offers order tracking. This is vital for inspecting orders and ensuring that logistics are handled effectively. 

Business Statistic Interface 

Each plan includes the AliDropship plugin, which provides Business Statistics such as website traffic browsing activity, conversions/sales, and so on. 

Gateways for payments 

Payment gateways have been set up in each of the packages to accept payments via common payment processors like PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, 2Checkout, Stripe, and PayU. 

Delivery time frame. 

As previously stated, each of the packages has a somewhat varied delivery period; nevertheless, because the advanced and ultimate custom stores have more features, they take longer to get ready. 

Ali Dropship (Basic) 12-15 Business Days for Custom Store

Ali Dropship (Advanced) 15-20 Business Days for Custom Package

Ali Dropship (Ultimate) 20-25 Business Days for Custom Store

Ali Dropship (Supreme) Custom Store: No Timeframe Specified

Complete Business Ownership 

Each bundle offers complete legal ownership of your AliDropship business. 

Marketing Tools That Integrate Easily

Each of the bundles includes integrated marketing Tools from the AliDropship plugin, these include: 

SEO optimization software 

This enables users to create templated information, so that anytime a new product or collection page is uploaded, it is automatically optimized for Google ranking. 

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Email Promotion 

The plugin includes editable email templates that can be automatically emailed to your customers at various points during their purchasing process, keeping them updated on when the item has been shipped and when it will arrive… This will help to assuage any concerns regarding the location of their product and will help to develop confidence, which will aid in repeat purchases. 

Coupon Design and Management 

The plugin also allows you to enable a coupon input box to be displayed during checkout, which is a great method to entice your visitors to buy with just a few clicks of a button. 

On-Site SEO Fundamentals 

As noted briefly above, the AliDropship plugin includes some basic SEO optimization aspects that will allow you to optimize your home page, product pages, and category/collection pages so that they rank well in search engine results. 

The Ultimate plan includes a homepage SEO-optimized post, which, in our opinion, will not increase traffic instantly, but will help consolidate your brand and offer Google more reasons to trust the website… After all, Google appreciates firms that keep their websites updated and add new material (for example, by creating a blog/FAQ section). 

Pages on Social Media 

AliDropship will create social pages for your brand and use design components like your logo and a banner image. 

The social pages that are set up vary depending on the package: 

Basic Package: Facebook 

Advanced Package: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 

Ultimate Package: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube 

Supreme Package: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube 

Promotional Video 

Only the Ultimate and Supreme packages include a promotional video presenting your store to new website visitors as well as viewers of your YouTube channel. 

Social Media Promotional Tool 

The ‘Social Rabbit Plugin’ social media promotion tool is only included with the Ultimate and Supreme packages, but it can be purchased individually at the AliDropship Add-On store, which we’ve linked to here. 

Extras for the Alidropship Supreme Package 

Because the premier package (Alidropship Supreme Package) is significantly more expensive, it includes the following additional features. 


  • Add-on for abandoned carts: To remind customers that they added a product to their cart but did not purchase it. This is accomplished through email marketing, which necessitates the use of a mailing service configuration. 
  • Add-ons for urgency, like: 
  • Shopping cart timer: to display a message of urgency on the cart page 
  • To add trust and authority to the cart page, use trust badges. 
  • Social proof: unique icons placed on each product to inform store visitors how frequently individuals buy at the store. 
  • Add-on for promotion banners: Allows you to generate stunning banners for your website with no coding necessary. 
  • Add-on for the Reviews page: This allows you to add a new store page with actual buyer reviews imported from AliExpress. 


  • Email subscription form integration: They provide a fully functional email subscription form in the footer of your site using MailChimp, allowing for the collection of email addresses. 
  • Setup of a lead-generating pop-up form on the site: They place a pop-up subscription form on the site that offers a discount voucher in exchange for the visitor’s email address (the percentage discount will be discussed with you). 
  • Setup of promotional emails: they create an automated series of four promotional emails highlighting products from the retailer of your choice. These promotional emails are proven to work, drawn from AliDropship’s other highly successful dropshipping sites. 
  • Done-for-you Facebook and Instagram ads: 8 ads set with text, pictures, and targeting 
  • Do-it-yourself social media posts: 30 interesting posts to use on all of your social media accounts, planned in ‘Social Rabbit,’ the included social scheduling plugin. 

How do I get a Custom AliDropship Store? 

There are four phases to creating your custom store, and they are as follows: 

1. Choose an appropriate package and place an order using the AliDropship website. 

2. Your personal manager will contact you to learn more about your expectations and to assist you in determining which niche could be a suitable fit. 

3. Once everything has been agreed upon and you are completely satisfied with the process, the AliDropship team will begin developing your store according to your specifications. 

4. After you’ve created the store, you’ll have access to help and tools to help it succeed.  

AliDropship Custom Store Review Verdict – Is it Worth it? 

We hope you’ve found this alidropship custom store review post useful thus far! We have a few thoughts on AliDropship, and now is our time to express them fully. For our dropshipping websites, we use AliDropship. 

Yes, we always use AliDropship and WordPress instead of Shopify, which has exorbitant monthly costs. 

Why are we using AliDropship? 

Highly Reputable 

We originally encountered AliDropship about three years ago, and they were making waves in the dropshipping sector as the newcomer to compete with the likes of Shopify… And they certainly succeeded! 

They’ve received wonderful reviews from Forbes, NBC, INC, and a slew of other online magazines. 

Fantastic Overall Customer Satisfaction Ratings 

Countless Success Stories 

What Success Stories Of Entrepreneurs Teach You About Dropshipping

Plenty of Learning Resources to Help you Succeed 

Dropshipping Management Tools For Beginners

AliDropship has an entire portion of their website dedicated to assisting clients in their dropshipping journeys. 

This includes CRO guidance, PPC and organic traffic tips and guides, and information on getting more out of your store.: 

 Lifetime Support 

Not only do you have general email access to the AliDropship team, but as a customer, you’ll also get access to their forum, which is full of active dropshipping business owners. This is an excellent forum for asking questions and learning from more experienced drop shippers. 

We hope you found our AliDropship Custom Store Review post to be helpful! Visit AliDropship to learn more and set up your online dropshipping store. 

How to Run a Dropshipping Store 

You can read our guide to managing your new dropshipping store, which contains an outline of exactly what you should focus on, as well as the tools that we use to manage our portfolio of dropshipping stores.