AliDropship Supreme Store Package Review & Case Study 2022

In this post, we’ll go through AliDropship’s Supreme Package, reviewing what’s included, the unique features, and the benefits, as well as looking at a real store made with the service. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary of the article:

Summary of the Article: AliDropship’s supreme package is the crown jewel of the company’s dropshipping store. 

It’s ideal for people who want a complete, done-for-you solution but aren’t scared to spend substantial money to acquire a complete setup, ready-to-go dropshipping store. 

To make things even better, AliDropship has offered us a 15% discount that we can pass on to our readers, so take advantage of it while it lasts! 

So, without further ado, let us have a look at the supreme custom store alidropship package. 

What is the AliDropship Supreme Package? 

Premium Ready Stores: Quick-To-Launch Dropshipping Business
AliDropship Supreme Package Review

The AliDropship Supreme Custom Store service is AliDropship’s most expensive custom store package, and it provides a done-for-you dropshipping business ready to make sales immediately. 

It is based on the alidropship plugin, which aids in the automation of the tasks required in running an online store or dropshipping company. This involves order fulfilment, inventory management, stock checking, product sourcing, and other responsibilities. 

It is regarded as AliDropship’s one-stop dropshipping solution, and has much more items, features, and functionality than other less-priced packages. 

What does an Alidropship Supreme Custom Store include? 

  • Niche research 
  • WordPress plugin for AliDropship 
  • Theme – Mobile Responsive 
  • Domain name – .com of your choice 
  • Platinum web hosting – 1 year 
  • Logo, banner, and favicon creation 
  • Home page text 
  • Pricing formula
  • 500 products 
  • Editing the title, description, and keywords 
  • On-site SEO 
  • Sitemap 
  • Robots.txt 
  • GA integration 
  • Homepage SEO-optimized article 
  • Promotional video 
  • Social media profiles (YT, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) 
  • Social media marketing tools 
  • Several add-ons 
  • Abandoned cart 
  • Promotional banner 
  • Review page 
  • Email form integration 
  • Lead generation form 
  • Promotional email setup 
  • Done-for-you ads – Facebook & Instagram 
  • Social media posts 

How Alidropship supreme package is different from other packages?

AliDropship Review: Supreme Dropshipping Sites with a WooCommerce Plugin - Ecommerce Platforms
AliDropship Supreme Package Review

The supreme package is the zenith of alidropship’s done-for-you dropshipping stores. As a result, it offers all the other services and a lot more. 

It has 500 goods, 300 more than the next package plan (ultimate store). The most time-consuming process is finding, adding, and modifying goods, which we believe is best outsourced! And the more high-quality things you offer on your site, the more likely you will have something that a visitor would like. 

Unlike the other packages, the ultimate store includes the following extras, which make it a good investment: 


  • Add-on for abandoned carts: To remind customers that they added a product to their cart but did not purchase it. This is done through email marketing, which requires the use of a mailing service setup. 
  • Urgency add-ons, like Shopping cart timer: to display a message of urgency on the cart page 
  • Trust badges: to add authority and trust to the cart page. 
  • Social proof: unique badges placed on each product to inform store visitors how frequently individuals buy at the store. 
  • Add-on for promotion banners: Allows you to generate stunning banners for your website without any coding.
  • Add-on for the Reviews Page: Allows you to build an extra store page with genuine buyer reviews imported from AliExpress. 


  • Integration of the email subscription form: Using MailChimp, they put up a fully working email subscription form that can be seen in the footer of your website and is used to gather email addresses. 
  • Setup of a pop-up subscription form for lead generation: On the website, they set up a pop-up subscription form that will request a visitor’s email address in exchange for a discount voucher (the percentage discount will be discussed with you). 
  • Promotional email setup: Four automatic emails promoting your chosen products from the store are created in a sequence by the company. These marketing emails have been guaranteed to work; they were obtained from other AliDropship websites that operate very successful dropshipping businesses. 
  • Done-for-you advertisements on Instagram and Facebook: 8 ad setups with targeting, pictures, and text 
  • Done-for-you social media posts: The social media scheduling plugin that is included, “Social Rabbit,” has scheduled 30 interesting posts that you can use on all of your social media accounts. 

What are the benefits of getting an Alidropship supreme store? 

There are several benefits of purchasing a supreme custom store, these include: 

1. Save time: Your personal automation manager, an expert dropshipping at AliDropship, creates your supreme store entirely. This essentially means that you can either focus on other elements of the company or just rest. 

2. A professional built the store for you – There is a reason why people outsource, and that reason is that by hiring a professional, you can succeed twice as well and in half the time. With the assistance of the alidropship team, your store’s chances of becoming successful are significantly increased. 

3. Contains all the add-ons necessary to build a store with a high CRO – Because AliDropship has included all of their add-ons in this package, your business will be well optimized for turning visitors into customers. – Get Discount here

AliDropship Custom Store Review - Live Example [2022]
AliDropship Supreme Package Review

What are the downsides Of Alidropship?

The one downside of owning such a business is the initial cost since it’s $2464 with the 15% discount code. If this is too much, you can have a look at their other alidropship custom store options. 

Then, if you don’t have much time or experience, and have money to invest in a business, then this may be a perfect solution for you! 

As we initially mentioned, time is money; thus, we can see why someone would want to invest in the best custom store. After all, it comes with all of the bells and whistles and is completely working. 

How does Alidropship work? 

Alidropship will assign you a personal manager after you acquire the supreme store package. This manager will contact you to learn more about the type of store you want to open and if you want to be more or less active in the design process. 

After speaking with your personal manager and ensuring they understand your objectives and needs, they will brief their store design team on all the specifics. 

The store takes roughly 30-35 business days to develop because it comprises over 500 goods, each of which must be edited individually. 

However, you will then receive your turnkey store, which is completely operational and ready to sell. 

If you have any comments or need any modifications done, the alidropship team are always available

How can you make money with an Alidropship supreme store? 


AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Package Review [2022]
AliDropship Supreme Package Review

After you’ve created your store, it will be able to accept card and PayPal payments promptly, as well as manage orders semi-automatically, with only a click of a button from you (for confirmation purposes). 

What’s left? Now you must start driving visitors to the website! 

There are several methods for doing this, all of which are covered in lessons on the AliDropship site. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is the practice of advertising your business on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and others. 

The Supreme package includes pre-setup YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. It also includes Social Rabbit, AliDropship’s digital marketing automation tool.

Through scheduled post templates, Social Rabbit allows you to completely automate the establishment and publishing of your store’s social media channels. 

Not to mention, AliDropship’s supreme package service includes around 30 customized social media posts (per social media channel). 

On the AliDropship blog, you can learn more about driving social media traffic to your store.: 

Useful social media marketing resources: 

Search Engine Marketing 

SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo so that it ranks high in search engine results for relevant search queries that your target customer is searching for. 

AliDropship optimizes your website for search engines by optimizing its on-page features. These pieces include metadata (title and description), images, and technological specifications (speed, schema). 

The main premise of SEO is keyword research, and AliDropship takes this into account when deciding on an appropriate niche for your store. This means your top package store has been optimized and is ready to go! 

Useful SEO resources: 

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is another term for paid advertising. It is the process by which a business pays for the placement of an image or text ad on another website. 

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even TikTok and Quora are popular ways for dropshipping companies to increase traffic. 

The top custom store bundle includes 8 completed Facebook and Instagram advertisements for use in your marketing campaigns. 

Resources for Paid Advertising: 

AliDropship Supreme Package Discount 

We’ve added a 15% discount code/coupon code below: 

  • AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Coupon Code: $2464 (15% off) – Get Discount here 

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How to manage your dropshipping store 

You can read our dropshipping store management guide, which provides an outline of exactly what you should focus on, as well as the tools that we use in our own business to manage our portfolio of dropshipping businesses. 

In Conclusion, is it worth it? 

We recognize that the supreme package is somewhat pricey. And, given all of its unique features, it’s ideal for someone who doesn’t want to deal with the technical parts of the building and setting up of the store and its assets (ad designs, social media channels, posts, etc). 

As a result, it’s ideal for someone who values their time above money and wants a done-for-you business that just requires visitors to start producing revenue. 

Given that the store includes social media automation, SEO optimization, and done-for-you PPC marketing advertisements, it’s a completely hands-off business that’s great for the serious entrepreneur/investor.