5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners 2024

Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners 2024

Embark on your affiliate marketing journey! Uncover the top 5 programs tailored for beginners in 2024. Our expert selections provide the perfect launchpad, offering lucrative opportunities for success. Jumpstart your earning journey and dive into affiliate marketing today!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase or sign up through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

Affiliate marketing programs have grown into essential outreach tools for many firms. In 2022, the United States alone is expected to spend more than $8 billion on affiliate marketing. However, building an affiliate marketing plan might take a lot of work for newcomers. 

Fortunately, there are several affiliate marketing schemes accessible to assist you in earning passive revenue and expanding your audience. With modest start-ups and continuing expenditures, this beginner-friendly marketing strategy poses less risk. 

This article will review five of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Let’s get this party started! 

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing networks. As an Amazon affiliate, you earn passive revenue by successfully converting Amazon’s products and services: through the Amazon Associates program

Amazon Associates program
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: Amazon Associates program

To receive a commission, customers must add a purchase to their basket within 24 hours after clicking on an affiliate link. Your payment will be made around 60 days following the end of the month. 

Amazon’s commission rates differ depending on the product category. They are, however, relatively small compared to other affiliate marketing schemes for novices. 

For example, you’ll earn a 3% commission on qualified lawn & Garden purchases: 

Amazon Associates commission rates
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: Amazon Associates commission rates

Amazon Associates’ commission rates 

An Amazon Associate can be anyone who has an active online platform. Bloggers, influencers, publishers, and YouTube producers are all included. You can join the program as long as you can share a link. 

2. ClickBank

ClickBank is a free international affiliate and eCommerce growth marketing network. You can advertise one of over 4,000 marketplace products: 

ClickBank affiliate marketing program
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: ClickBank affiliate marketing program

ClickBank offers industry-leading help and education to assist newcomers in developing a successful affiliate marketing operation. Spark by Clickbank is a learning platform that provides courses and resources to assist you in learning affiliate best practices. 

ClickBank allows you to make up to 90% of commissions because most items are digital downloads and courses. 

High commission rates, however, frequently attract fraudsters and low-integrity creators. As a result, you’ll most likely have to sift through many terrible items to discover high-quality ones to market. 

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ClickBank allows you to select either Cost Per Action (CPA) or income sharing as your chosen payment method. With the CPA plan, you’ll be paid a certain amount for each sale. Revenue sharing, on the other hand, pays you a percentage of each sale. 

If you satisfy the payment criteria, ClickBank will send you money bi-weekly by default. The default barrier is $100, but you can change it to anything between $10 and $1,000,000. For direct deposit payments, you can also choose a weekly payment plan. 

3. Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s Affiliate Network allows web marketers to earn money by advertising fashion and beauty items. The organization has collaborated with Rakuten to handle the program and develop a user-friendly experience: the Nordstrom affiliate marketing program. 

Nordstrom affiliate marketing program
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: Nordstrom affiliate marketing program

The affiliate network accepts commissions on all Nordstrom items. As a result, this program is great for lifestyle and fashion bloggers who want to earn passive revenue from things they enjoy. 

You can earn up to 5% commission on each eligible conversion, which is paid 45 days after the end of each month. If you don’t have at least $50 in your account, the money will roll over to the next month. As compared to other schemes, these commission earnings are relatively modest. 

Anyone with a website can apply to be a Nordstrom affiliate. Nonetheless, the network maintains the right to reject any affiliate who does not adhere to its brand guidelines. 

4. Tripadvisor

With Tripadvisor’s affiliate marketing program, you can collaborate with the world’s leading travel site to help your audience book holidays. The program’s adaptable architecture allows you to generate passive revenue with no outlay of funds: 

Tripadvisor affiliate marketing program
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: Tripadvisor affiliate marketing program

This program is unusual because participants are not required to purchase. You receive a commission when a reader clicks on a link to a hotel booking partner after visiting TripAdvisor via your affiliate URL. 

Overall, whether or not the customer books a trip, you will get a commission. These rewards, however, are presently only available to hotels. 

Tripadvisor’s multi-touch attribution scheme also includes a 14-day referral window; this shows your readers have 14 days to convert successfully. They may also return to Tripadvisor via any link or on any device. You will get the commission if the user converts within two weeks. 

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Before applying for the program, you must register an account with a Tripadvisor network partner. CJ Affiliate is a free global affiliate network where you can apply for a range of marketing programs: 

CJ Affiliate Network Program
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: CJ Affiliate Network Program

Once your CJ Affiliates account is set up, look for Tripadvisor and apply for the affiliate program. After there, you can use CJ Affiliates to create your links and examine various reports. 

Tripadvisor will give you 50% of its commissions. Various criteria, including the booking partner, hotel, booking season, and length of stay, determine the amount you will receive. CJ Affiliate will send you your money within 20 days after the month ends. 

Anyone with an online travel platform can apply to become a Tripadvisor affiliate. The firm, however, can refuse any applicant. 

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular marketplace for freelancing services. You earn by bringing visitors to any of Fiverr’s products and services through its affiliate marketing program. 

Fiverr Affiliate is perfect for freelancers in all fields, such as writing, design, and photography. Anyone can become a Fiverr affiliate. You don’t even need a website to take part in this program: 

Fiverr Affiliates program
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: Fiverr Affiliates program

Fiverr offers two commission plans: Fiverr CPA and Fiverr Hybrid. On First-Time Buyer (FTB) purchases, the Fiverr CPA plan pays a set compensation rate ranging from $15 to $150. This configuration might be excellent for directing your audience to certain Fiverr items. 

The Fiverr Hybrid scheme combines CPA with revenue sharing. This program offers a commission of $10 for each FTB purchase and 10% of the customer’s future purchases for 12 months. As a result, this strategy might help promote many Fiverr products over time. 

Commissions are paid on the first business day of the following month. You must have at least $100 in your account to receive payment. 


Affiliate marketing has emerged as a critical approach for marketing professionals. However, selecting the best affiliate marketing network for your business might be difficult. 

Fortunately, several affiliate programs can meet your requirements. For example, if you’re a fashion and beauty blogger, you can become a Nordstrom affiliate. To gain access to a respected marketplace of products and services, you can also join Amazon Associates or ClickBank.