How to Make Money with ClickBank:

How to Make Money with ClickBank (In 4 Steps)

Dive into the world of ClickBank prosperity! Our comprehensive guide outlines the 4 essential steps to making money with ClickBank. From product selection to strategic promotion, learn the key elements to affiliate success and kickstart your profitable journey in affiliate marketing today!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase or sign up through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

Affiliate marketing might appear to be a pipe dream. Selling someone else’s stuff and getting compensated for it sounds incredible, especially since there are no overheads or storage requirements. However, reality quickly sets in, and many people try to sell and become frustrated. 

ClickBank might be the answer to whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned pro. ClickBank is a free marketplace for merchants and affiliates that provides quick access to thousands of items and potentially high compensation rates. Success is more than feasible if you conduct a thorough study and adequately organize your strategy. 

In this post, we’ll go through how to get started with ClickBank affiliate marketing. We’ll show you how to locate the best things to sell, advertise them, and make a profit. Let’s get started! 

What Exactly Is ClickBank (And How Does It Work)? 

ClickBank is a network of affiliates. The network links product creators with affiliates wishing to market such products and earn money. It acts as an intermediary between creators and sellers. 

How to Make Money with ClickBank: Main ClickBank page
How to Make Money with ClickBank: Main ClickBank page

What using ClickBank looks like depends on which side of the fence you are on. Affiliates can join for free, and there is no screening process. Because of its basic design, there is no limit on the number of businesses you may partner with, and there are thousands of goods to pick from. 

While commissions vary, 75 percent is standard, and you may sell in almost any nation. However, because of the platform’s open-door policy, many low-quality items are available, as well as a lot of rivalry for excellent ones. If you want to enter affiliate marketing, do your homework and analyze all the different platforms before deciding which one is best for you. 

Meanwhile, companies must pay a $49.95 one-time activation charge, and the platform will collect $1 + 7.5 percent of every purchase. Other fees include $2.50 each time a business withdraws money and another charge for processing client refunds. A platform like this enables businesses to get started fast at the expense of control and flexibility

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How to Profit with ClickBank (In 4 Steps) 

If you decide ClickBank is the right fit for you, you’ll be relieved to know that getting started is simple. Here are four actions you can do to earn money as an affiliate on this network. 

Step 1: Join ClickBank 

The first step is to register. Begin by clicking the Start Here icon in the website’s upper-right corner. You’ll then need to enter the needed information to create a secure password: 

The first stage of the sign-up process
How to Make Money with ClickBank: The first stage of the sign-up process

You may receive a pop-up message advising you to join the Spark training program based on your responses. You can join Spark after watching the 10-minute welcome video, or you can return to ClickBank and restart your profile: 

You may be offered a chance to join Spark
How to Make Money with ClickBank: Spark

You will now be prompted to input your vital information. Make sure that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. You’ve now finished the first part of the sign-up procedure. 

Then, download the suppression list and click on Complete My Profile: 

The profile section that needs filling in.
How to Make Money with ClickBank: The profile section

Enter your address and show how you want to be paid. Different options will now be available in the right menu. Don’t forget to give your account a nickname. 

Step 2: Research Your Prospective Market 

Choosing which things to sell might be difficult. There are several low-quality and low-selling goods on ClickBank that must be avoided. Don’t be tempted to push low-quality things for big margins; doing so will only harm your reputation and turn off your audience long-term. 

Instead, advertise very relevant and beneficial goods to your current audience. You may use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to determine what items to focus on: A Google Keyword Planner search for “cookware”. 

A Google Keyword Planner search for "cookware".
How to Make Money with ClickBank: A Google Keyword Planner search for “cookware”.

This platform allows you to enter phrases relating to your specialty and audience. Then it will display common inquiries that people frequently put into Google; this might give you analytical insights into what potential consumers in your sector are already seeking. 

You can also use that information if your website is linked to an analytics platform, such as Google Analytics: 

How to Make Money with ClickBank: Demography
How to Make Money with ClickBank: Demographic overview

This can supply you with a wealth of information on your target audience, including demographics, interests, and habits. All of that information should assist you in figuring out what sorts of difficulties or pain points they’re experiencing and what kinds of items could supply needed answers. 

Step 3: Search ClickBank for the Right Products 

Return to ClickBank once you’ve determined what items you’re looking for. On the right-hand menu, your first stop should be Affiliate Marketplace. You’ll be shown a list of categories and a search function: 

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How to Make Money with ClickBank:  main marketplace splash page.
How to Make Money with ClickBank: The main marketplace splash page.

If you want to be successful, you must thoroughly evaluate each offer. The following are the major qualities that signify an excellent product: 

  • An initial low-cost offer with up to three upsells
  • On the sales website, there are videos and a clear presentation.
  • Positive online feedback
  • A ‘gravity score’ greater than 20

When you click on Advanced Search, you will filter the goods depending on your target keywords and requirements: 

ClickBank’s search function is comprehensive.
How to Make Money with ClickBank: search for products

ClickBank’s search function is comprehensive. 

Following that, you should have a selection of items to consider. You may now review the affiliate pages and make your final selections. 

Step 4: Promote Your Products and Earn Money

When you locate a product that fits all of your requirements, click the Promote button: 

The search results from where you can choose what to promote.
How to Make Money with ClickBank: Clickbank marketplace.

The search results are from where you can choose what to promote. 

By entering your nickname, you will create your own unique affiliate link. You will profit from every sale made once consumers click on that link. 

There are several strategies to advertise your ClickBank items, including: 

  • Your own website: You can add affiliate links to new and old content if you have a blog or website. You can also build an entire website for your affiliate marketing endeavors. 
  • Paid promotion: This procedure is quick and easy, although it is more expensive than other options. When estimating your margins, always include the expense of advertising. 
  • Marketing on social media: This procedure is typically free but time-consuming. You may communicate with relevant audiences by researching sites and groups in your field. Make sure to select your target platform properly. You can also use design tools like Canva to make your social media postings stand out
  • Article marketing: Articles and reviews are great ways to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate items. For the most outstanding results, stick to tried-and-true Search Engine Optimization (SEO) recommended practices. 
  • Email marketing: If you already have a mailing list, you may use it to market your products. If you don’t, making one is simple. 

Last but not least, you might use our WordPress link-cloaking plugin. This allows you to make your affiliate links more enticing, which increases clicks. 


Affiliate marketing is not as simple as many people believe. However, if you have reasonable expectations and a willingness to learn, you should have no trouble getting started with a beginner-friendly platform like ClickBank. 

To earn commissions using ClickBank, you must: 

  • Sign up and enter your information.
  • Research your target market.
  • Find relevant items on ClickBank.
  • Start marketing your affiliate items.