How to Make Money with Trending Topics

Trends come and go, but businesses that understand how to profit from emerging phenomena grow fastest. This guide shares tactics marketers are using right now to make money from trending topics, from optimizing websites to leveraging social platforms to launching relevant products.

In this article, I’ll cover how to make money with trending topics online.

Being able to identify and capitalize on viral trends is a valuable skill for any business – especially smaller brands looking to generate buzz and traction.

When a topic suddenly becomes popular and starts generating a massive amount of search traffic, discussion, and sharing, you have a trending topic on your hands. From the metaverse to Wordle to Squid Game, we see new trends emerge all the time.

The purpose of this article is simple: to show you practical strategies for riding the wave of trending topics and monetizing that interest while it’s hot.

We’ll discuss how to:

•Identify emerging trends early using keywords and social media tools
•Create relevant content around the topic to attract new visitors
•Launch new products or promote existing offers to capitalize on demand
•Leverage the trend on social media to grow your brand and audience
•Monetize the traffic spike with ads, affiliate marketing, or eCommerce

By following these steps, you can turn any trending topic into a money-making opportunity for your business. So whether you sell products, offer services or rely on advertising revenue, this article will provide concrete tactics for profiting from the latest online phenomena.

So if you want to learn how to make real money with trending topics in 2023 and beyond, read on!

Understanding Trending Topics

Trending topics often appear to spread organically, but there are actually a few factors that trigger a topic to “go viral.”

First, the topic needs to be fascinating, controversial or emotionally charged in some way. People are drawn to trends that provoke a strong reaction or fill a desire for novelty.

Second, the content around the trend needs to be highly shareable – ideally in the form of images, memes, videos or other “snackable” media. This makes it easy for people to consume and pass along the trend.

Third, the trend benefits from a “network effect” where the more people talk about it, the more interest is generated. Social media plays a big role here by amplifying trends within communities and friend groups.

Understanding Trending Topics
How to Make Money with Trending Topics, Image by cookie_studio on Freepik

To identify emerging trending topics, pay attention to:

• Rising search volume for related keywords and phrases. Use Google Trends and other keyword tools to spot search spikes around a topic.

• Discussion volume on social media. Platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube can indicate what’s starting to catch fire. Follow relevant hashtags and search for the topic.

• News and pop culture mentions. When a topic begins appearing in mainstream news articles and shows, it’s gaining mainstream attention.

•Always be on the lookout for cultural, technological and societal shifts that could spawn new trends. Consider geopolitical events, product launches, viral challenges, etc.

Tools like Google Trends, AHREFS keyword research tool, BuzzSumo, Social Blade and NewsWhip can help you monitor trends, identify relevant keywords and quantify engagement around emerging topics. The faster you spot a trend, the more opportunity you have to capitalize on it.

With the right research and always being “tuned in” to what’s happening online, you’ll be able to identify promising trending topics before most others – giving your business a first-mover advantage for profiting from the phenomenon.

Why Make Money with Trending Topics?

There are 3 big reasons why capitalizing on trending topics is essential for business success:

Exposure to new audiences: When you create relevant content around a trending topic, you expose your brand to a whole new group of potential customers. Many people discover new products and services through trend-related content.

Spike in search traffic: As topic trends, search interest increases dramatically. By optimizing your content for associated keywords, you can capture a portion of that massive search traffic – driving new visitors to your site.

3)Viral growth potential: If done well, trend-focused content can go viral and massively grow your audience on social media and beyond. Even a small trend can generate significant traction for your brand.

Early adopters of trends often see the greatest financial benefits. Companies that move fast to capitalize on emerging trends can:

• Gain an “authority” status around that topic
Build their email lists and social followings substantially
• Generate a spike in sales or ad revenue while demand is high

Real success stories abound. When Blender Botes launched amid the DIY cocktail trend in 2017, they saw 400% revenue growth in their first year. When Squarespace created products to help people make Wordle clones, bookings increased by 60%.

Trends are opportunities – a chance for your business to get in front of an eager, relevant audience. The financial rewards can be well worth the effort.

So don’t get left behind! Keep an eye on emerging trends and be ready to pounce when the right opportunity comes along. Every brand has something valuable to offer within the context of a trending topic. You just need to recognize those opportunities and act quickly.

Strategies to Make Money with Trending Topics

Probably the most straightforward strategy is simply creating relevant trend-related content for your website and social channels. This could mean:

•Blogging about the trend from your business’s perspective
•Making how-to videos around the topic
•Curating a collection of trend-related images
•Offering expert commentary in podcasts or live streams

Having informative, shareable content that generates traffic is the first step to monetizing a trend. Many businesses simply promote related products or offer what’s relevant to that topic in the flow of their content.

Another effective strategy is leveraging trends on social media – especially platforms like Instagram and TikTok that reward “trending” content. You can:

• Create social posts using trending hashtags
•Participate in viral challenges around the trend
•Go live to discuss the topic with your followers

This can exponentially grow your social audience while the trend is hot – which you can then monetize down the road.

For eCommerce stores, an emerging trend is a perfect opportunity to:

• Launch new products related to that trend
•Run promotions on existing offerings
• Partner with affiliates who cover that topic

For example, when Crocs saw a viral surge in popularity, they capitalized by developing new colours, and styles catering for the trend.

And for businesses that monetize through advertising, trending events provide an opportunity to:

• Run performance ads targeting related keywords
• Sponsor trend-focused social media influencers
• Partner with news sites covering that topic

The key is having a plan and acting fast. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch up and profit from that trend. So stay tuned in, be ready to pivot – and seize the opportunity when it comes!

Building Your Online Presence

The first step to profiting from trending topics is optimizing your website and online presence. This means:

Optimizing Your Website for Trending Keywords
As topics trend, related keywords spike in search volume. You want your site to rank for these keywords while they’re hot!

Make sure your pages, titles, headers and content include the top trending keywords. Focus on pages that are most relevant to that topic. For example, if the metaverse is trending, optimize product pages for VR/AR gear, blog posts covering the metaverse, etc.

Leveraging SEO for Trending Topics

Search engines reward “fresh, relevant” content – which is exactly what trend-focused posts provide.

Publish new blog posts, how-to guides or product pages related to the trend. Update your sitemap and submit pages to Google Search Console. Backlink from relevant sites to boost rankings.

The key is getting optimized, shareable content live as early as possible to capitalize on trending search demand.

Engaging Your Audience with Trending Content

While SEO is important, the real goal is acquiring new customers and growing your audience.

Use trending topics as an opportunity to create interesting, sharable content that attracts new visitors and gets current customers talking. Whether through blogs, social media or your product offerings, aim to become a “go-to” source for anything related to that trend.

Over time, consistent coverage of trending topics can help establish your brand as an authority – earning listener and reader loyalty that you can monetize long after individual fads fade.

By optimizing your website for trends, focusing on SEO and publishing engaging trend-related content, you lay the foundation for capitalizing on any viral phenomenon that comes your way. So start reviewing your online presence with trending topics in mind and making optimizations that will allow you to profit from the next big thing!

How to Make Money with Trending Topics by Building Your Online Presence
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Ethical Considerations and Challenges

While capitalizing on trending topics can bring opportunities, there are also ethical considerations and potential challenges to keep in mind.

Avoiding Misleading Content

It’s tempting to hype trending topics and create “clickbait-y” content for short-term gains. But avoid making misleading or deceptive claims.

Focus on creating genuinely useful,well-researched content that provides value to your readers. Don’t exaggerate the importance of trends just to drive traffic.

Balancing Trend Relevance and Longevity

Some trends are here to stay while others fade fast. Striking the right balance between relevance and longevity is key.

Aim for timeless takeaways wherever possible. Go beyond simply discussing the trend to sharing broader lessons, tips and best practices that will remain useful over time.

Dealing with Short-Lived Trends

Not every trend will be a permanent fixture. Many burn bright then quickly fade.

While capitalizing on short-lived trends can bring short-term benefits, only allocate limited resources. Don’t invest heavily until you’re confident in a trend’s sticking power.

You’ll also need strategies to gracefully exit trends that don’t pan out. Consider:

• Removing or archiving dated content
•Not repeating trends unless you gain new insights
•Shutting down initiatives that no longer make sense

In summary, while profiting from trends can benefit your business, do so in an ethical manner by:

•Creating genuinely valuable content
•Focusing on timeless insights beyond the fad itself
•Allocating resources proportionate to a trend’s longevity
•Exiting unproven trends gracefully

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can harness the power of trending topics for good – providing real value to your customers while growing your business in a sustainable manner for the long run.

Discovering Trending Topics to Make Money Online

Finding emerging trends is the first step to monetizing them. Here are some of the most effective ways to spot trending topics:

Use Google Trends

Google Trends shows the hottest rising searches worldwide. It can help you:

•See what people are searching for right now
•Understand how topics have trended over time
•Discover related keywords gaining popularity

Tools like Exploding Topics Pro

This tool identifies the fastest-growing topics through advanced algorithms. It provides:

• Trending topics in various categories
•Time frames from 1 month to 5 years
•Automatic updates when new trends emerge

Monitor Buzz with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo tracks the most shared content online. Its free version helps you:

•Discover trending topics in your niche
•Scan 9 billion articles to find successes

Stay on Top of New Products with Product Hunt

This site features the newest products and services:

•Type keywords to see trending items
•Vote for products to expose you to trends

Stay Up to Date with AppSumo and Facebook Ad Library

AppSumo offers deals on trending business tools. The Facebook Ad Library shows currently running and successful ad campaigns. Both can help you identify:

• The latest trends in tech/marketing
•Products and keywords being used in ads

Stay Informed with Reddit and

Reddit communities and newsletters like uncover emerging trends across industries. They offer:

•First glimpses into new phenomena
•Explanations of why trends matter

Once you identify trending topics, you can create relevant content, launch new offers, advertise, affiliate market and leverage trends on social media to monetize – growing your audience and revenues while the trend is hot! The key is acting fast before the opportunity passes, so stay tuned into technology and cultural shifts that spawn the next big thing.

Future Trends and Predictions

Forecasting trends and getting ready for upcoming ones will help you stay on top of new opportunities to make money. Here are some trends experts predict for the coming years:

Future Trends and Predictions
How to Make Money with Trending Topics, understanding Future Trends and Predictions Image by on Freepik

Forecasting Trends for 2023 and Beyond

•The metaverse will continue to boom, opening opportunities for virtual businesses, products, and events.

• Personalized advertising and e-commerce, enabled by AI and extensive data collection, will ramp up.

•Localized retail will grow as shoppers want more options near where they live.

•The sharing economy will expand into new sectors, allowing people to monetize assets like cars,tools and skills.

•Mobile marketing will dominate as more people rely on phones as their primary internet device.

•Video content will proliferate, requiring businesses to develop visual strategies.

Preparing for Upcoming Trends

To profit from emerging trends:

•Identify your niche and how trends may impact it. Consider opportunities to serve trend-related needs.

• Develop or pivot products/services that address new demands from trends. Stay nimble and ready to adapt your business model.

• Test trend-focused marketing strategies in advance. Experiment with formats like vertical video, AR,micro-influencers and location-based ads.

•Allocate a portion of your budget to tracking and testing trends. Use tools like the ones discussed to spot trends early.

•Hire staff that understand new technologies and can develop strategies surrounding trends. Outsourcing also an option.

•Listen closely to your customers for clues about what trends matter most to them. Your existing audience should guide your trend priorities.

By forecasting which trends are most likely to take off and providing products/services that meet related demand, you position your business for growth as the trends catch on. But don’t overlook monitoring unexpected trends that arise organically. Staying in tune with emerging phenomena will remain critical for the foreseeable future.

With proper research, strategy and execution, you can profit from trends all through 2023 and beyond – it just takes the willingness to adapt and embrace change as new opportunities come your way!


In summary, here are the main strategies we discussed for making money with trending topics:

• Create relevant content around trending topics to attract new audiences and traffic

•Optimize your website for trending keywords to capture a portion of the massive search demand

•Leverage trends on social media to grow your follower base while engagement is high

• Launch new products or promote existing offers that cater to the trend-related demand

• Run targeted ads capitalizing on the spike in interest around that topic

• Partner with affiliates, influencers and news sites covering the trend

My advice? Stop thinking and START DOING. The longer you wait to act, the harder it will be to capitalize on trending phenomena.

While some trends are short-lived, others can have a lasting impact if you provide insights that go beyond the fad itself. The real wins come from establishing yourself as a go-to source of valuable, ethical content related to that topic.

So don’t stress over identifying the “perfect” trends – just pick one that makes sense for your business and start experimenting with the strategies we discussed. You’ll learn a ton through the process, and if the trend fizzles, at least you’ll be better prepared for the next big thing. But if it takes off? You’ll be glad you took action.

My final piece of advice: stay tuned in. Constantly monitor emerging technology, cultural shifts and current events for clues about what could trend next. Then, when an opportunity arises, you’ll be ready to capitalize on it.

Remember: trends are fleeting, but establishing yourself as an authority who consistently covers what’s relevant will build you a loyal audience you can monetize for years to come. So keep learning, keep testing strategies – and most importantly, keep moving forward! I’m confident with hard work and an experimental mindset, you can profit from trending topics in a sustainable way.

Best of luck – let me know if you have any other questions!