The Basics of Brand Marketing and Why It’s Important

How to market your brand and why it’s important.

Unlock the power of strategic brand marketing with our comprehensive guide. Learn the essential tactics to promote your brand effectively and understand why a strong marketing foundation is crucial for long-term success and sustained growth in today's competitive landscape.

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Your customer relationships can be more valuable than you realize. According to a recent poll, 81% of consumers must be able to trust a brand before purchasing from it. Finding a strategy to establish credibility might be difficult.

Fortunately, brand marketing allows you to create and strengthen personal consumer ties. You can use this tactic to your advantage by building a trustworthy online persona, researching your competitors, and keeping your site’s design consistent with a program like ThirstyAffiliates.

In this post, we will present an outline of How to market your brand for several reasons you would wish to employ it. Then we’ll walk you through three crucial strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of this method. Let’s get this party started!

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What Exactly Is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is when you use your company’s (or affiliate site’s) identity to promote a product under your umbrella. You can rely on your stellar reputation, a stunning logo, or popular former material. This sort of advertising leverages and expands on the work you’ve previously done to create your credibility.

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Consider Apple’s iconic Get a Mac ad as an example of this subtle tactic. It cast a young, adaptable, and imaginative actor to represent the computer company’s wares. This campaign provided the basis for the complex brand marketing techniques that the company still employs today.

You can use the same strategy on your affiliate site. When you advertise new campaigns by building on earlier successes, you will most likely have to put in less effort to sell things. Brand marketing also allows you to build more personal ties with customers, making them feel more at ease with you.

How Can Brand Marketing Help You Increase Affiliate Sales? (3 Important Points)

The time and effort necessary to establish the brand of your affiliate site and interact with clients can pay off in the long term. Here are some pointers to assist you in optimizing your brand’s marketing potential.

1. Ensure that your content is consistent.

Overall consistency is a highly desired characteristic of affiliates. It’s also beneficial if you’re seeking to develop a brand identity. Consider investing efforts in establishing an extensive archive of content with the same voice, aims, and products.

You may decide that you need to change the identity of your website. While this is sometimes required, try to prevent any drastic alterations wherever workable. The power of your brand marketing approach is derived from its story. Starting anew from scratch might be difficult.
Consider Tiffany & Co.’s old ads for a role model displaying consistency:

Tiffany & Co. is famous for its signature blue box. The wording in the above advertisement complements the color in an elegant yet funny tone. Both characteristics contribute to the company’s long-standing reputation.

Tiffany advertising featuring its trademark blue in the background.
How to market your brand: Tiffany advertising featuring its trademark blue in the background.

Consider selecting a few words or phrases that best express the brand identity you want to achieve. You can aim to be a smart leader in your sector, or you could concentrate on the dependability of the practical things you advertise. 

Whatever option you choose, using keywords can help keep your content on course.

2. Research Your Competitors

Because brand marketing relies on your original content, it should be as distinct as possible. Investigate how your competitors market their items. Greater awareness of comparable campaigns can provide you with an advantage in developing a unique hook.

Assume you have a competition that portrays itself as a brand with a lengthy history of providing straightforward answers to your target audience’s pain issues. It may be difficult to distinguish your items, especially if the rival site is more established. Instead, attempt to market your original personality to attract a new sort of consumer.

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It’s difficult to overestimate the value of a distinct brand personality that stands out from the crowd. The following advertisement for a well-known corporation, with all logos and names removed, exemplifies this point:

You most likely recognized this as Apple commercial material. The white background, slick design, and passionate writing are all trademarks of the IT behemoth. If you wish to get the same result, you can use a similar method. Simply take one of your campaigns, eliminate all identifying aspects, and see whether it’s still unmistakably yours.

An image of a distinctive Apple advertisement with the logos removed.
How to market your brand: An image of distinctive Apple advertising with the logos removed.

If your campaign appears to have been done by any of your competitors, you may not be using brand marketing to its maximum potential. The more unique material you develop, the more likely you are to establish a reputation for yourself and attract brand enthusiasts.

3. Customize Your Site and Affiliate Links

A lot of brand marketing is determined by the power of your website’s identity. Consider changing your website as much as possible to align your online presence with your desired image.

This method can also help you increase your conversions. Cloaking your links is one way to personalize them. This strategy contributes to a sense of uniformity and confidence among the URLs you promote. This can help protect your affiliate links from theft. If you wish to use this method, the ThirstyAffiliates plugin can assist you:

The ThirstyAffiliates plugin can include your domain name in any of your links. Many individuals are more likely to click on a URL with a familiar name. This link masking is a straightforward technique to increase trust and brand exposure.

ThirstyAffiliates also assist you in maintaining the trust that your users have on your site. You can reduce visitor annoyance by using tools like link repair and automated checks for 404 problems. Small preventative measures might have a major influence on your reputation.


How to market your brand and why it’s important: a good reputation can be quite powerful. Once you’ve created a recognizable character that clients trust, you’ll be able to leverage that familiarity to create content that improves your affiliate sales approach. We discussed three crucial suggestions for getting the most out of your brand marketing plan:

  • Maintain a consistent tone and approach to your articles.
  • Investigate your competition to ensure that your advertising stands out.
  • Using a platform like ThirstyAffiliates, you can personalize your website and affiliate links.