4 Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions 

Learning how to use affiliate marketing effectively can bring in a lot of passive income. The question is, what is the easiest way? In this post, we will explore 4 ways to increase affiliate link conversions:

Affiliate marketing is frequently described as passive revenue. However, evidence suggests that affiliates make between $35,000 and $73,000 each year, so you’ll want to enhance affiliate links to increase affiliate link conversions.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and tips that can raise your click-through rates (CTRs). By treating affiliate marketing like a business rather than a passive income source, you may boost your earnings and possibly even make a full-time living. 

This article will go through four strategies to boost affiliate link conversions. Along the way, we’ll suggest a few plugins and solutions that can balloon your CTRs. Let’s get rolling!

1. Invest in Your Website Performance

If you want a piece of the $8.2 billion in affiliate marketing spending expected for 2022, you must first master the fundamentals. This procedure entails fine-tuning the performance of your affiliate site. 

According to research, 40% of users will quit a website if it takes over three seconds to load. Potential clients are unlikely to stay on your website long enough to notice your affiliate URLs if it is slow. 

With organic search accounting for more than half of all website traffic, your search engine rankings substantially impact total conversions. For example, for years, Google has used page speed as a ranking indicator. 

However, with the new release of Google’s Core Web Vitals, the efficiency of your site now has an even more significant impact on where your content shows up in search results: 

The Core Web Vitals website.
Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions: The Core Web Vitals website.

You can test the performance of your website using free tools like Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI), Pingdom by SolarWinds, or the GTmetrix tool. By setting this performance baseline, you can see the impact of numerous optimization tasks on your website. 

The Core Web Vitals website.: The GTmetrix performance monitoring tool.
Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions: The GTmetrix performance monitoring tool.

There are many strategies to improve the performance of your website. Among these are the use of a cache plugin and a database optimization tool like WP-Optimize: 

Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions: You can increase your affiliate link conversions, using a tool such as WP-Optimize.
Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions: You can increase your affiliate link conversions using a tool such as WP-Optimize.

If your site contains numerous images, you should also optimize these images. TinyPNG, which is accessible as both a web service and a WordPress plugin, can be used in this situation: 

Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions: You can increase your affiliate link conversions, using a tool such as TinyPNG.
Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions: You can increase your affiliate link conversions using a tool such as TinyPNG.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can also serve your website from the server nearest your visitors’ location. This configuration can help you reduce page load times. There are other solutions available. However, we recommend Jetpack CDN for its easy one-click setup and installation.

2. Produce Useful Content

You can entice users to return to your site by consistently releasing valuable and exciting content. It provides many options for converting one-time visitors into devoted affiliate clients. 

If visitors appreciate one of your blogs, they are more likely to visit many pages in a single session. This inquiry may increase the number of affiliate links users encounter, potentially improving your CTRs. 

You can also customize your content to get them to click. This approach may entail writing extensive product reviews, walkthroughs, ‘best of blogs,’ or affiliate product advice. 

You can inspire your visitors to make purchases by teaching them about your selling products.: 

Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions: An example of an affiliate marketing website.
Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions: An example of an affiliate marketing website.

For the best results, we recommend combining your promotional pieces with content that isn’t only focused on your affiliate links. Many blogs post lists that recommend a variety of things. To avoid hard sales, these lists frequently include a mix of third-party and affiliate products. 

Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions:
Ways to Increase Affiliate Link Conversions:

It’s also a good idea to generate content that benefits your entire audience, including those who don’t buy your affiliate products. 

Assume you’ve collaborated with a pet care firm, for example. You could write a blog post titled “How to Care for Your Pets in Winter” that is jam-packed with helpful information. You can include affiliate URLs in related keywords without mentioning your partner’s products explicitly.

3. Add Affiliate Links to Your Content.

Every piece of content has the potential to feature affiliate links. You likely already have a collection of words referring to your partner’s items. 

It’s a good idea to keep connecting chances in mind while producing articles or copy. However, after hours or even days of working on the same piece, it’s easy to ignore these possibilities owing to your familiarity with the text. 

You may already have a library of content that you may sell with affiliate links. However, going through all of your previous postings can be a time-consuming and irritating task. 

Fortunately, specific tools can integrate affiliate links into relevant keywords and phrases automatically. Using the ThirstyAffiliates plugin, you can add all of your affiliate URLs to the same dashboard: 

The ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin.

You can attach relevant keywords to affiliate URLs automatically. You can even set a maximum number of links per keyword to avoid spamming your readers: 

Increase your affiliate link conversions, with ThirstyAffiliates.

ThirstyAffiliates will scan your material for keywords, recognize them, and convert them into affiliate links. This process ensures you take advantage of every opportunity to provide a relevant URL and might increase your conversions.

4. Create Links That Are Shorter and More Shareable.

The standard affiliate URL is long and sophisticated, with an obvious tracking code. Users concerned about their security may mistake this strange-looking link for spam. Others may find the tracking code offensive, as online privacy remains a hot topic. These conditions can hurt your affiliate link conversions. 

You might use a link cloaking plugin to increase click-throughs. ThirstyAffiliates can replace unattractive affiliate URLs with shorter, more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. 

Shortening these URLs makes them easier to share; this is perfect if you submit your links to social media platforms directly, such as Twitter. 

Affiliate marketers can also benefit from video-sharing networks such as YouTube. With 12.2 billion minutes of video watched by internet users in 2020 alone, it’s not surprising that we see more affiliate URLs in video description boxes: 

The YouTube description box.

If you intend to post your affiliate links on video sites, we advise you first to run them via a cloaking service like ThirstyAffilates. The plugin will generate a short, branded URL that fits your description box. 


Your revenue as an affiliate marketer is determined by how many people click on your links and make purchases. As a result, your CTRs could mean the difference between earning a flat $0 from your affiliate efforts and earning a full-time income. 

Let’s review the four fast techniques to boost your affiliate link conversions again.

  1. Invest in the performance of your website. 
  2. Create useful content. 
  3. Use a plugin like ThirstyAffiliates to include affiliate links throughout your articles. 
  4. Make your links shorter and more shareable.