how to make money with clickbank

Making Money with Clickbanks: The Ultimate Tutorial for Beginners In 2023.

In this comprehensive guide, I'll break down everything you need to know to become a successful ClickBank affiliate from signing up to launch strategies, tracking sales, and long-term business growth. You'll gain the skills to turn ClickBank into your own profitable online business!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase or sign up through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

Have you ever considered starting your own affiliate marketing business from home but felt overwhelmed not knowing where to begin? Well, you’re not alone – so many people have been in that boat!

That’s why over the past 15+ years I’ve helped thousands achieve financial freedom by embracing one of the most effective revenue streams out there: ClickBank affiliate marketing.

See, ClickBank is one of the largest online marketplaces used by both digital product creators and affiliates like ourselves. It allows entrepreneurs to sell and distribute eBooks, online courses, software and more, while enabling individuals just getting started to earn commissions by promoting these products.

The beauty of the ClickBank model is that it removes many of the usual barriers like inventory, fulfillment and customer support. With their massive product selection and built-in global audience of buyers, ClickBank sets affiliates up for success if we work smartly.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll break down everything you need to know as a complete newbie – from signing up, finding offers to promote, to maximizing your promotions, tracking results and fostering long-term success on the platform.

By the end, you’ll have all the tools and strategies to turn ClickBank affiliate marketing into your own profitable online business! Let’s jump in.

Understanding ClickBank

a quick overview of how clickbank works
Making Money with Clickbanks: a quick overview of how clickbank works

Before we dive into promotion tactics, let’s first understand exactly what we’re working with – ClickBank itself.

Put simply, ClickBank is one of the largest online marketplaces for digital products. It was founded back in 1998 as a way for publishers to sell and distribute information-based goods without the barriers of traditional retail.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

Product creators (also called vendors) are able to list things like eBooks, online courses, membership sites, software tools and more within ClickBank’s massive catalogue. This provides them access to a built-in global audience of buyers.

Affiliates like us then review products, select those we think we can effectively promote and are given personal affiliate links we can use to track sales. Whenever someone buys through our link, we earn a commission – typically 40-50% of the sale price.

Payments are handled automatically by ClickBank too, so affiliates don’t need to deal with anything beyond driving traffic. This simple yet turnkey model has allowed hundreds of thousands of marketers to successfully monetize their influence over the past two decades.

ClickBank’s reputation for easy onboarding, fast payouts and robust analytics has cemented it as the preferred marketplace for many. Vendors appreciate access to our audiences while we affiliates like the hands-free recurring income lifestyle it enables.

In short, ClickBank streamlines the entire digital product sale and promotion workflow for everyone involved. Its scale provides outsized opportunities too, which is why I recommend giving it serious consideration as a core part of your business.

Getting Started with ClickBank

Now that we understand the ins and outs of ClickBank, let’s walk through getting set up so you can start promoting products.

The first step is to go to and hit the “Sign Up” button. You’ll need to provide some basic contact info and choose a strong password.

Once registered, your new ClickBank affiliate dashboard loads. Don’t let it overwhelm you – this is where everything happens so it pays to familiarize yourself.

Start by exploring the main menu navigation. The “Marketplace” section shows all products listed by category. Spend time browsing and researching what interests you and your audience.

The “My Account” area holds promo links, earnings history, bank details and other account profile info. It’s also where you’ll add payment details so ClickBank can deposit your commissions.

Some other notable sections are:

“Reports” – Where all your campaign stats and performance metrics live. Very important for tracking ROI.

“Analytics” – Robust tracking features to monitor promo performance across all your links and channels.

“Promotion” – Houses various banners, text links and creatives to promote products quickly.

Take your time going through all the other menu items too. The more comfortable you are, the faster results will come.

So in summary – sign up, play around, and explore your dashboard fully. Then you’ll be ready to start promoting products!

Choosing Profitable Products

Let’s talk about diving into ClickBank’s treasure trove of digital products and finding something that fits your expertise and audience.

The key is finding a product you believe in, while also addressing a pain point people are actively searching solutions for. This sweet spot unlocks promotions’ success.

Some factors I look at when screening products:

  1. Category & Niche: Always be marketing to growing markets people dedicate their energy and money towards – like health, dating, business, etc.
  2. Gravity Score: ClickBank’s metric shows long-term sales performance. I aim for 50+ which guarantees demand.
  3. Commission: Want 50% or higher if possible for a real stake in each sale. More cash for your efforts.
  4. Refund Rate: Under 5% indicates happy customers. Save time avoiding subpar offers.
  5. USPs: Identify differentiators like unique formats, delivery mechanisms or content types sparking curiosity.
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Also, search keywords directly to uncover hidden gems. Sometimes less promoted products work better!

Evaluate products you truly connect with AND know your list wants to be addressed. Speak to their interests first before plugging in the offer. That’s prime sales potential.

Once screened, it’s time to promote, so let’s look at impactful strategies for driving buys!

Promotion Strategies

now that you’ve picked a solid ClickBank offer, it’s time to unlock that promotion magic and start driving some sales!

Social Media Platforms for Affiliate Marketing
Making Money with Clickbanks. Image by Freepik

High-impact strategies I’ve leveraged include:

Content Marketing: Creating insightful blogs, articles, graphics and video tutorials develops your expertise and establishes why people should buy from you over others. Value pumps all marketing.

Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube let you constantly feed links and updates to your following. Commenting builds bonds with readers to retarget.

Email Marketing: Nurture laptop-warm leads into buyers by deploying segmented messages over multiple touches. Personalization drives response rates up.

PPC Advertising: Use Google and Facebook ads to scale exposure fast during the learning phases. Fine-tune targeting by interests and behaviour for optimal conversions.

Landing Pages: Build compelling, optimized pages for each offer focused on the benefits, social proof, and easy-form access to seal the deal. Constant testing raises performance.

Don’t neglect behavior-based retargeting either. Cold prospects seeing strategic reminders convert many late in their journey.

The secret is getting unique audiences in front of your offers through diverse yet tailored copy. Measure then refine subpar strategies while scaling victors for increased ROI over time. Stagnant campaigns rarely plateau – keep refining!

With persistent testing across these vectors, ClickBank affords to build a lasting business. Now go spread value far and wide!

Earning Commissions

Let me quickly explain how earning commissions works on ClickBank before we dive into monitoring results…

Once someone makes a purchase through one of your affiliate links, that sale is logged within your ClickBank dashboard. Commission amounts vary based on the offer, but are typically around 50% of the total sale.

For example, if you promote a $47 eBook that pays out 50%, you’d earn $23.50 per sale. Not bad Work!

Payouts occur on a schedule (usually weekly), and the minimum cashout amount is $50. So keep promoting until you hit that threshold.

Within the “Reports” section of your dashboard, you can analyze stats on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Things like total earnings, number of sales and average commission help track progress over time.

It’s also crucial to monitor metrics like EPC (earnings per click) and conversion rate between promotions. This reveals what’s working or needs adjusting to maximize profits down the road.

By keeping up sales tweaks as data indicates, big things will happen faster than you think. Stay consistent pushing unique audiences through promotions and you’re well on your way!

Maximizing Earnings

Now that you’ve got some experience running promotions, it’s time to level up your game and maximize those ClickBank earnings like never before!

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years about elevating results:

Track and Test Everything – Test different types of creatives, target audiences, and landing page variants. Relentlessly optimize top performers.

Automate Where You Can – Use email autoresponders to nurture leads over days, retargeting ads to bring back converts. Leverage tools for scalability.

Cross-Promote Strategically – Have multiple offers. Promoting complementary products to your audience increases average order value.

Build an Asset-Based Business – Develop and repurpose high-quality content as lead magnets and across channels. More value = more trust and buyers over time.

Strategize Bundle Deals Carefully – Entice resistant prospects to take action with discounts. Profitability stays intact while sales increase exponentially.

Expand to New Platforms – Don’t get stuck in echo chambers. Research emerging networks like TikTok, Snapchat or LinkedIn for untapped potential.

Most importantly, sample new ideas frequently! Experimentation separates those making tuition from tycoons. With consistent application of these tactics, the sky’s the limit.

Remember – every sale moves you closer to that dream lifestyle. Let’s get back to boosting results, you’ve got this!

Tips for Success

we’ve covered a ton since starting this ClickBank journey together. As eager as I know you all are to see massive payouts, I need to touch on realistic expectations and avoid common early mistakes.

how much are affiliate marketers paid?
Making Money with Clickbanks Image by stefamerpik on Freepik

While affiliates have achieved incredible success, this takes time – don’t expect overnight riches. Be mindful of increased competition too. You must out-learn, out-work and differentiate yourself.

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It’s also crucial not to get discouraged if promotion rounds don’t kick off perfectly. Testing is an art, not a science, so refine from learnings rather than giving up. Consistency compounds efforts towards breakthroughs.

Another trap involves chasing fads or “get-rich-quick” black hat schemes. These often backfire, so promote ethically creating real value for your lists. Quality trumps quantity here for sustainable growth.

Lastly, don’t forget your “why.” Keep the passion for helping people as the core fuel. As Albert Einstein said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Stay strategically focused.

This is a journey, not a destination. Those embracing process over overnight splashes tend to achieve the most over time. Stay curious, keep your head up and believe in yourself – huge things await, you’ve got this!

Now let’s refocus energy on execution. Our mission is to empower lives through these teachings. Keep blazing that trail, friends!

Case Studies and Success Stories

Nothing inspires quite like the endeavours of others achieving what was once deemed unfeasible. Fellow ClickBank trailblazers did more than make money – their journeys taught millions invaluable life skills like resilience.

Allow me to share two profoundly motivating tales:

Drew Canole: For over a decade Drew cultivated a global health community with infectious passion. Relentlessly testing, he scaled YouTube and Instagram as ClickBank’s #1 fitness affiliate through creative funnel hacking.

Mastering his audience, Drew optimized ads remarketing to cold clickers. His warmth and building rapport raised the average cart value tremendously. After partnering with elite vendors, Drew then launched multi-6-figure products himself leveraging influence grown on their very platform!

Now CEO of multiple brands, Drew still improves lives daily by example of believing in oneself’s potential against all odds. His personal mastery shines for aspiring creatives globally today.

Micheal Cheney: Despite the beginnings of poverty and family illness overwhelming most, Micheal took action distributing free content across Reddit helping souls crushed by self-doubt as he once knew. As compassion spread his message, ClickBank boomed Micheal’s affiliate links sustaining livelihood from that laptop.

Strategizing scalable micro-copy, Micheal then coached entrepreneurs to six figures themselves through personalized consulting on his terms. Now impacting millions each year, Michael donates proceeds to charitable causes close to their heart that lifted him in darkness. His resilience in lighting others’ fires uplifts humanity.

Stories like these are precisely why I devote myself to shining light for the hopes of you all living passionately! Our mission is far greater than income – it’s empowering dreams. Stay focused on the legacy of positively shifting lives, and money naturally follows. Now go get ’em, champs!


I’ve covered a ton of ground in this comprehensive ClickBank affiliate marketing guide. I truly hope it’s inspired you to take that first step into this amazing world of possibilities!

To quickly recap some major takeaways:

  • ClickBank handles all the heavy lifting so you can focus on promotions. Their massive global reach sets you up for success.
  • Choose offers you’re passionate about that scratch real problems for your people. Quality over quantity will serve you best.
  • Get familiar with those analytics, test all the things, and keep refining top performers relentlessly. Data is your guide.
  • Automate, leverage tools, and build systems so this business works for you 24/7 towards that well-deserved lifestyle freedom.
  • Seek education from veterans like Drew and Michael who prove dreams are reachable through patience and mastery of tactics.
  • Ultimately, share your gifts helping others. When passion meets proficiency, magic ensues my friends.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into that affiliate dashboard right now. You’ve got this – I can’t wait to see the waves you make. Now get out there, spread value far and wide, and let’s turn ClickBank marketing into your vehicle for greatness! I’ll see you at the top.

Additional Resources

You’ve got the fundamentals down pat, so now it’s time to take things to the next level. Here are some top-notch resources I recommend checking out:

Tools: – My team and I built this all-in-one affiliate funnel tool to manage complex campaigns. Automate everything!

Mangool Toolkit – Awesome free & premium SEO tools to optimize content, rank fast and outsmart competitors.


Bluehost Reliable website hosting to get your landing pages, funnels & blogs online. Avoid outages.

ThirstyAffiliates – Supercharges affiliate links with advanced cloaking features to protect commissions. Must-have software.

ContentStudio – – The easiest way to manage and grow your social channels, keeping you organized and more productive. Their all-in-one tool is a must for agencies, brands and marketers to streamline social media management.

Remember – this game is only as difficult as you make it to be. When we empower ourselves through great education, anything is achievable. Now get out there and put those seeds of inspiration to work! I’ll see you at the top.