What is Mangools SEO? 

Mangools Review 2024: Is This SEO Tool Worth the Money?

In our Mangools review for 2024, we delve into whether this SEO tool is truly worth the investment. With a detailed analysis of its features, performance, and cost-effectiveness, find out if Mangools is the right choice for optimizing your online presence.

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This review will teach you about Mangools and how it can help you boost your online business. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks. I cover the positive stuff as well as the bad. 

You’ll also learn about one specific tool inside Mangools that I believe is a waste of time. And four other powerful tools. Does it sound right? Let’s get started: 

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What is Mangools SEO? 

What is Mangools SEO? Mangools Review 2024
Mangools Review 2024:

Mangools is an SEO tool that markets itself as a less expensive alternative to Ahrefs and SEMrush. 

Mangools is a group of five apps: 

  • KWFinder 
  • SERPChecker 
  • SERPWatcher 
  • LinkMiner 
  • SiteProfiler 

After registering an account, you’ll be able to access your dashboard, where you’ll find all five applications available for use and use limits for each tool based on your membership level. 

I started using mangools with their free trial, so I could walk through the toolset as a new client would. 

Mangools Review 2024: mangools seo dashboard
Mangools Review 2024: mangools SEO dashboard

How to Make Use of Mangools SEO (all five tools explained) 

Please read the next section because you will learn how to use Mangools SEO toolset to get the most out of your membership. 

Also, given that the tool consists of five different applications, and I want my Mangools review to be practical rather than a chaotic mess, I’ll go through each separately. 

Please take a deep breath, get ready to be swept away by the sea of awesomeness below, and let’s go! 

Mangools SEO tool #1 – KWFinder 

The most well-known Mangools app is KWFinder, a keyword research tool. Most marketers associate “Mangools” with KWFinder and are typically startled to learn that four more applications are available. That was certainly the case with me. 

Here’s how to use this keyword research tool: 

To begin, log into KWFinder and input your target term, search region, and language. 

Our example keyword is “landing page builders”: 

kwfinder dashboard
KWfinder dashboard, Mangools Review 2024.

The first thing you’ll notice when your keyword report appears on the screen is that KWFinder’s report dashboard is extremely user-friendly. 

On the left, KWFinder generates a list of similar keywords to your target phrase, along with key metrics for each (search volume, keyword difficulty, trends graph, PPC competition, and CPC). 

You’ll see a bar just above the keyword list where you can choose between Autocomplete and Questions modes. 

In the Autocomplete mode, KWFinder will scrape Google autosuggest phrases linked to your target query. 

In the question mode, KWFinder will show you any keywords that comprise your target term and are also worded as questions. 

Finally, you can easily store your favorite keywords by clicking the box next to each and adding them to a keyword list. 

kwfinder keywords dashboard
kwfinder keywords dashboard

Your target key is highlighted on the right, along with important information. 

First, KWFinder assigns a numerical score to your desired key while displaying its competitiveness. 

The trends graph follows, which displays whether the popularity of your selected keyword is increasing or decreasing. 

This is critical information to know so that you don’t target a term that no one searches for anymore. 

The SERPs summary and site rankings in Google are shown below the trends report. 

You can also view some important URL-specific stats that you should know if you want to compete in certain SERPs. 

These are the metrics: 

  • DA – A Moz ranking score that seeks to estimate the overall domain’s link-based authority. 
  • PA – A Moz ranking score that attempts to forecast the link-based authority of a certain page. 
  • CF – Citation Flow displays the “impact” of a ranked URL depending on the number of links that point to it. 
  • TF – Trust Flow score shows the strength of the URL based on the quality of links that go to that page. 
  • EV – External Links display the number of external links the page has accessed. By clicking over the number, you can view a breakdown of the link profile by the number of links, unique referring domains, referring IP addresses, and subnets. 
  • FB – The Facebook API provides the number of Facebook shares. 
  • LPS – Profile Link, The strength score of a URL, shows its projected strength. This is a Mangools-specific metric. 
  • ESV – Estimated monthly visits based on search volume and SERPS ranking. 
kwfinder keyword breakdown
Mangools Review 2024.

Pro tip: KWFinder allows you to search the whole site for profitable keywords. Simply enter a target domain into the search field, and the tool will provide all terms for which that domain ranks, which you can then filter depending on ranking positions. 

kwfinder search by domain feature
kwfinder search by domain feature

Overall, KWFinder is a decent value for money, and it can help you attract more visitors to your site by itself, which is enough to deserve the $30 price tag. 

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But Mangools has four more apps they offer, so let’s continue. 

Try KW-Finder for Free.

Mangools SEO tool #2 – SERPChecker 

This tool gives you a better understanding of the SERPs your website is about to enter. 

To use it, enter a target keyword into the keyword field: 

mangools tool, serpchecker dashboard
SERP checker dashboard

The SERPChecker results are really useful. The keyword difficulty for the target term is displayed first, followed by the SERPS Features Impact. 

What exactly is SERPChecker? 

SERP Features Impact is a useful tool that displays how busy the SERP for your chosen phrase is. 

Google has grown into an answer engine, and specific keywords are not worth pursuing since Google already provides all the answers. 

The SERP Features Impact feature displays which Google features are available on the page. 

In the case of our sample search, there are only a few SERP characteristics (Google Ads at the top and bottom of the page, plus PAA boxes). Therefore, the keyword is approved. 

Following that, all 10 ranking sites are mentioned, along with their metrics (DA, PA, CF, TF, LPS, AR, RD, RI…) 

I won’t go through them again because they are the same metrics I discussed in the KWFinder section above. 

Finally, you can use SERPChecker to compare your target URL to the current SERPs. This allows you to easily examine the authority difference between your page and those that presently rank. 

Not a new function, but it makes your life as a search engine optimizer a lot simpler. 

Overall, SERPChecker is an excellent tool that may provide you with a lot of value if you use it. 

However, for the most part, I’d ignore it because I can already see the SERP overview within the KWFinder dashboard and plan my ranking strategy appropriately. 

Pro tip: Mangools and other SEO tools frequently make mistakes and display results that do not correspond to the actual SERPs. 

That is why it is always important to personally verify SERPs. Typically, you’d need to open one tab for SERPChecker and another for Google, but with this tool, you can get a live snapshot of the first page without leaving the dashboard. 

Simply choose the “Snapshot” option at the top of the page. 

Mangools tool SERPChecker live snapshot
SERPChecker live snapshot


Try SERP-Checker for Free.

Mangools SEO tool #3 – SERPWatcher 

SERPWatcher is Mangools rank tracker. You can track your rankings and analyze how your SEO activities affect your keyword ranks. 

For example, suppose you update the article today and forecast that a freshened-up page that’s also more optimized and now has additional high-quality content would enhance your ranks. 

But why guess when you can check? That is the purpose of SERPWatcher. 

To use it, first, input a list of terms you want to track. You may manually enter them or import them from a spreadsheet. 

Mangools tool add keywords to track
SERPWatcher is Mangools rank tracker.

That’s it. SERPWatcher now takes 30m to load the dashboard with your initial report. 

Mangools tool serpwatcher dashboard rankings report
SERPWatcher dashboard rankings report

SERPWatcher, as seen in the image above, is a practical rank tracker comparable to almost any other product on the market. 

You can check your rank, expected traffic, if your term is going upward or downward, search volume, and other information. 

The Performance Index, shown on the right, provides a broad picture of how all of your keyword ranks are performing. 

Your keywords are shown here based on the ranking increases they’ve experienced. Very effective for sorting out places Google appears to like you a lot. 

Simply match those terms to their host sites, update them by providing Google with more of what they love, and watch your results skyrocket. 

Try SERP-Watcher for Free.

Mangools SEO tool #4 – LinkMiner 

LinkMiner is Mangool’s backlink analyzing tool. LinkMiner, unlike SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs, does not have its own link indexes. Instead, Majestic SEO provides them with their data. 

This is an awesome thing because Majestic SEO is a paid backlink checker that competes with Ahrefs in terms of index size and crawler speed. 

Because the data from LinkMiner is copied from Majestic, you gain a lot of value here. LinkMiner can examine the backlink profiles of whole domains and individual pages. 

Simply enter your desired URL and watch it work its magic: 

Mangools tool link miner
Mangools tool link miner

You’ll be able to analyze all links pointing to your site and how LinkMiner/Majestic ranks your website against their patented backlink metrics once the data are public. 

You’ll also be able to narrow down the results by follow/nofollow link status and fresh links earned and lost. 

Finally, each line is accompanied by a set of Majestic statistics that can be used to assess its strength.

They are: 

  • Citation Flow (CF) – A score that forecasts the importance of a page based on how many other sites link to it. 
  • Trust Flow (TF) – A score that predicts the strength of a page based on the quality of the links going to it. 
  • EL – Displays the total number of external links directed to that page. 
  • FB – The total number of Facebook shares. 
  • AR – Alexa Rank 
  • HREF – Reveals the URL path. 
  • Anchor – The link’s anchor text. 
  • LP – The estimated link power of the connection. 
Mangools toollink miner report
Link miner report

Overall, because the Majestic backlink index powers LinkMiner, the reports are really useful. Hence LinkMiner can easily replace Ahrefs as your preferred backlink tool. 

Try Link-Miner for Free.

Mangools SEO tool #5 – SiteProfiler 

Mangools tool site profiler
Mangools Review 2024: Mangools tool site profiler

In the introduction, I said that one of the Mangools apps is a waste of time and bloat to an otherwise excellent collection of SEO tools. 

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SiteProfiler is that application.

SiteProfile “profiles” a site by calculating its total backlink strength and Facebook popularity. That’s all it does. Oh, and you can view the site’s top content, which is important since if you want to steal content ideas from rivals, you’ll want to take their best content that’s proven to work. 

Mangools Review 2024: site profiler best content by links
site profiler: Mangools Review 2024

The top domain report is a useful service. It displays the top sites hyperlinking to your target domain, sorted by Alexa rank. 

This is really useful information. Why? 

Because if you come across a site with a strong link profile and backlinks from some of the best websites in the world, it pays to input that domain into LinkMiner and then go further into their link profile. 

It will be worth your time to figure out how they got those fantastic links. Overall, SiteProfiler appears to have been created to make up numbers. However, existing clients have found it to be a welcome addition. 

Try Site-Profiler for Free.

Mangools SEO tool #6 – Mangools Chrome Extension 

Mangools like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush, has Chrome and Firefox extensions. 

The difference is that this extension can be used without a premium Mangools membership. 

Install this extension from your Mangools dashboard first. Secondly, without opening LinkMiner, browse to a page you wish to investigate, and then click on the orange ball (Mangools logo) icon in the extension bar. 

This will show you the site’s backlink profile, the keywords it ranks for, and its on-page SEO. Overall, very useful for quick site and page inspection. 

I love it! 

mangools chrome extension
Mangools Review 2024: mangools chrome extension

Mangools tool price – Is its good value? 

Mangools offers three paid programs. 

They are: 

  • Mangools Basic – $29.90 per month if paid annually, or $49 per month. 
  • Mangools Premium – $39.90 per month or $69 per month if paid annually. 
  • Mangools Agency – $79.90 per month if paid annually or $129 per month. 

All plans have the same features, the only variation being the used quota assigned to each. 

Mangools can be bought monthly or as an annual subscription with a 40% discount. 

Mangools Review 2024; mangools pricing
Mangools Review 2024: mangools pricing

Mangools Basic is suitable for bloggers searching for a low-cost SEO solution for their tiny blogs. 

Mangools Premium is designed for veteran bloggers who understand the intricacies of SEO but cannot afford Ahrefs and SEMrush but still want to undertake comprehensive, all-encompassing SEO. 

Mangools Agency is best suited for large SEO businesses with dozens of clients. Mangools’ cost is competitive compared to high-end Ahrefs and SEMrush services, and it gets the job done, and clients are satisfied. 

Mangools tool review: pros and cons 

My Mangools rating is extremely good, and the reason is simple. 

Mangools is a high-quality, low-cost product. However, it has certain major flaws that you should know. 


  • All-in-one SEO toolkitMangools appears to be a one-stop shop for all your SEO requirements. You can buy this tool and handle your business’s SEO without a problem. 
  • Affordability – The cheapest package is $29.90 per year and includes access to all five applications and a reasonable use allowance. However, even the costliest plan is over three times less expensive than Ahrefs’ top-tier plan. 
  • Mangools’ app and dashboard have excellent UX – Very simple, sleek, and user-friendly. A beginner can learn to use the tool in less than 10 minutes. 
  • Excellent link index – Link building is essential for SEO, and LinkMiner and its Majestic-powered index provide you with the tools you need to succeed. 


  • Mangools 5 applications are not interconnected; therefore, when using the Mangools toolset, you are using 5 independent tools simultaneously. This can quickly become awkward and unmanageable. 
  • SiteProfiler – This tool provides the same data as LinkMiner but in a somewhat friendlier format. It is, in my opinion, a needless addition to the main four tools. 
  • The free trial quota is minimal – with Mangools’ 10-day free trial, you can only track 10 keywords, perform 5 keyword searches each day, profile 3 websites, and receive data on 2000 backlink rows. I suppose that’s enough to get a taste, but if they decide to double, treble, or quadruple that quota, you won’t find me objecting. 

Verdict – Is Mangools worth it? 

This review is done and dusted. 

Is Mangools suitable for you?

The answer depends on your requirements. Mangools might be ideal for an economical SEO tool or a very user-friendly product. 

You can manage keyword research, check SERPs, watch your ranks, and examine your competitors’ backlinks. It features a robust feature set and an excellent user interface. 

It is excellent value for money and is ideal for novices. Sure, it misses some complex functionality seen in programs like SEMrush, but it is also far less expensive. It also eliminates being overwhelmed by so many tools. Some of which you may or may not use. 

Finally, Mangools stands out as a low-cost alternative to Ahrefs and SEMrush. 

Now, I strongly advise you to start a free trial by following the link below. That way, you can feel the platform and ensure it suits your requirements. 

Try Mangools for Free.

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