What is Sellvia?

Sellvia – Reviewing the US Based eCommerce Supplier.

Sellvia Review: the ultimate done for your dropshipping solution Done-for-You Service Sellvia's "Done-for-You" service is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to minimize hassle. With this, Sellvia will set up a fully functioning online store for you according to your specified niche and requirements. This removes the stress of having to build a store from scratch.

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Tired of the 9-5 grind and want to build your own online business? Dropshipping has exploded as a popular passive income model that lets anyone start an ecommerce store without huge upfront costs or risks. The concept of Dropshipping is simple yet powerful – drive traffic to your store while a supplier handles inventory, fulfillment, and shipping for you.

The real hustle however in Dropshipping is finding reliable suppliers and managing operations, that is where Sellvia – an all-in-one ecosystem comes in. Sellvia is one platform making it easier for ecommerce owners to capitalize on the dropshipping opportunity. Sellvia markets itself as a complete ecommerce ecosystem, offering everything you’ll needs to create an online store, source products, market to customers, and facilitate fast order fulfillment.

Backed by a California fulfillment center stocked with highly sellable products, Sellvia combines fast American shipping, ready-made store construction, powerful marketing tools, and automated order processing. So, you can focus solely on taping into the 360 billion dollar US ecommerce industry.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a deep dive into Sellvia as a dropshipping supplier and platform. We’ll look at the company background, its unique value proposition of US-based suppliers and fulfillment, the platform features, how to get set up, pricing details, pros and cons, customer reviews, and comparisons with alternatives.

By the end, you’ll have all the information needed to determine if Sellvia is the right fit for your ecommerce dropshipping business. Let’s dive in!

What is Sellvia?

Start your ecommerce business with Sellvia

Founded in 2017, Sellvia is an Irvine, California based end-to-end ecommerce solution combining Supplier and order automation with fast shipping from U.S. fulfillment centers.

Key stats:

– 60,000 square foot California warehouse facility
– 21,000+ product SKUs in catalog
– 1-3 business day delivery to 95% of U.S.
– $39/month entry pricing
– 14-day free trial

Sellvia specifically serves entrepreneurs launching online stores targeting the lucrative $360 billion U.S. ecommerce space. They eradicate common pain points around finding suppliers, managing inventory, and navigating fulfillment logistics.

The goal? Empower new ecommerce brands to fully outsource backend operations so they can specialize in marketing and accelerating front-end sales.

Specifically, Sellvia handles:

Product sourcing & procurement – Identifying and stocking trending items most likely to sell based on data and merchant input. Both drawing from existing catalog as well as onboarding custom product requests.

Warehousing & inventory – Housing thousands of products across popular niches in Sellvia’s California fulfillment center ready to ship, while handling receiving and stock tracking.

Order processing & shipping – Receiving online orders, packing products, and dropshipping items direct from U.S facility via USPS, UPS, FedEx in 1-3 delivery timeframe.

Returns & refunds – Full-service support managing product returns start to finish including diagnosing issues, arranging refunds, and reprocessing defective inventory. Saves merchants this operational headache.

Business analytics – Insights into top selling items, order histories, predicted demand and other data to inform merchandising decisions.

Sellvia removes the Fulfillment, customer service and analytical capabilities so ecommerce owners can test niche ideas faster and focus on product positioning and go-to-market.

The end-result? New ecommerce stores leverage Sellvia’s infrastructure to validate business ideas and scale growth without taking years to build operations capacity – the most consistent friction point flaming out entrepreneurs.

Sellvia furnishes U.S. online retail infrastructure, so merchants concentrate on accelerating sales velocity. Their bundling of reliable American suppliers and automation earns loyalty through consistent 1-3 day delivery hard to replicate overseas.

Sellvia’s Top features

Sellvia's Top features

What sets Sellvia apart from traditional retail infrastructures? Here are 4 key capabilities that unlock faster shipping and higher sales conversion:

1. Strategic Location: Irvine, California

At just 20 minutes from LAX airport and adjacent to Anaheim’s shipping infrastructure, Sellvia’s 60,000 square foot smart warehouse facilities rapid order processing.

The location also provides easy access for importing high-quality goods from Asia to stock American inventory.

2. Quick Order Turnaround: 1-3 Day Processing & Delivery

Sellvia guarantees order delivery to 95% of U.S. addresses within just 1-3 business days by centralizing services in-country. This represents up to a 10X improvement in shipping speed over international suppliers facing 4-6 week timelines.

Once an order comes in, Sellvia handles payment, packaging, and typically ships items within 24 hours via USPS, UPS or FedEx from their California fulfillment center.

3. Utilizing USPS for National Coverage

By leveraging United States Postal Service (USPS) for a majority of deliveries, Sellvia reliably meets 1-3 day ground shipping transit times to any state.

USPS Priority Mail unlocks this baseline national coverage more affordably than solely relying on UPS/FedEx.

4. Discreet Packaging Protects Brand Experience

Sellvia uses nondescript, unbranded cardboard boxes and mailers by default during fulfillment. No supplier branding or markings identify Sellvia’s involvement.

This preserves a white-label experience where goods seem to originate directly from the merchant’s own brand.

Customers would never guess a 3rd party like Sellvia handles logistics behind the scenes. This preserves branded packaging design and intended buyer experience from store to doorstep.

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Getting Started: Easy Set-Up, & Automated Order Handling

Getting Started: Easy Set-Up, & Automated Order Handling

Sellvia simplifies onboarding down to just 3 steps:

1. 14-Day Free Trial

Use Sellvia’s features for 2 weeks risk-free, no credit card required. Review their features and capabilities using a store built for you, at zero risk commitment.

2. Select a Paid Plan

Choose a paid tier when ready to goi all in. Entry level plans start at just $39/month when billed annually.

Higher tiers add perks like dedicated account management. But core features are included across all plans.

3. Install Plugin & Import Listings

Sellvia offers a 1-click WooCommerce plugin to connect online stores. Authenticate then import products from Sellvia’s catalog instantly.

Listings pre-populate with images, descriptions and hundreds of reviews ready to convert traffic.

Sit Back as Orders Funnel Automatically

Once Sellvia products are selling, store owners are completely hands-off.

Incoming purchases automatically route to Sellvia’s California warehouse team to handle payment processing, packaging, shipping and returns without merchant effort.

Benefit: Hours formerly spent on manual order admin shifts to store marketing and growth acceleration.

Sellvia’s Product Catalog and Presets

Sellvia's Product Catalog and Presets

Sellvia accelerates launch times by offering two catalog-driven shortcuts:

1. Existing Product Imports

Browse Sellvia’s 21,000+ SKU catalog spanning:

– Home & garden
– Fashion & beauty
– Gadgets & automotive
– Hobby equipment
– Pet supplies

Filter by category then instantly import listings already optimized to convert traffic with rich media and hundreds of reviews.

2. Pre-Made Storefronts

Alternatively, activate complete turnkey stores tailored to various niches in one click.

Presets automatically build production-ready online stores with:

– Relevant products imported
– Branded templates
– Configured sales funnels
– Promotional ad material
– Automated email sequences

Example store types:

– Outdoor gear retailer
– Nutrition & supplements shop
– Jewelry boutique site

Launch pre-made stores in under 5 minutes to validate ideas fast before customization.

Sellvia indeed empower first-time ecommerce owners through proven listings and pre-built shops to win customers quicker.

Sellvia's Product Catalog and Presets

Sellvia’s Pros & Cons

Key Advantages

Fast shipping & processing – Guaranteed 1-3 day delivery across U.S. from California warehouse location far outpaces international times.

Automation – End-to-end software automation removes manual admin of payments, packaging, returns, etc. so owners scale faster.

Catalog products – One-click import of best-selling, review-backed listings helps validate niche potential quickly.

Potential Drawbacks

Limited global reach – Currently only ships domestically within the U.S. unlike global ecommerce solutions.

Templatized assets – Pre-made ads and email templates aren’t customized per brand, requiring manual editing for uniqueness before use.

Leaner supplier diversity – As a newer player, Sellvia’s directly stocked catalog only spans 21k SKUs compared to the millions on leading platforms. But takes requests.

Sellvia’s Pros and Cons in a table:

Pros Cons
  • Fast US shipping and order processing
  • Free access to trending products catalog with genuine reviews
  • One-click import and automated order routing
  • Access to promotional materials
  • Limited shipping options (US only)
  • Smaller product catalog
  • Templatized Promotional Resources

Sellvia’s Plans and Prices

sellvia pricing

Sellvia offers flexible pricing suitable for first-time entrepreneurs and established merchants alike thanks to tiered plans with value-adding add-ons.

Subscription details

The Starter plan begins at $39/month when billed annually or $49/month month-to-month. Consider the Starter an always-free option with:

– Access to US fulfillment & shipping
– 21,000+ catalog products to import
– Order automation/tracking
– Basic analytics & reporting
– Standard technical support

Annual contracts lock in discounted rates at $468/year paid upfront, but monthly subscriptions allow flexibility to pause or cancel anytime.

From Starter, upgraded tiers add perks like priority support response, dedicated account management and slightly higher product commission percentages.

Custom store creation

Beyond packaged plans, Sellvia offers optional custom store set-up and creation services:

Basic Store Setup: $99 one-time
Standard Store Package: $599 one-time
Premium Store Package: $1,799 one-time

Based on needs like branding, funnel configuration, import/migration and custom development, sellers upgrade for tailored onboarding and launch acceleration.

For most first-timers, the DIY $39 plan should suffice, but those seeking heavily customization can leverage Sellvia’s design and migration option instead of learning curve.

Top Sellvia’s Alternatives

While Sellvia shines for U.S.-focused brands needing reliable domestic order fulfillment and infrastructure, sellers with global ambitions may compare these alternatives:


– Management of global multi-channel sales
– Advanced localization and translations
– High customizability and theme options
– Pay-as-you-go pricing can get costly at scale
– Greater app integrations but also complexity


– Wider supplier & product catalog at 40k+ options
– Ship-from-warehouse model like Sellvia
– Lower pricing but slower shipping times
– Limited U.S. supplier base


– Direct-to-consumer focus like Sellvia
– Streamlined U.S. fulfillment
– Generous revenue sharing policies
– Smaller upfront product catalog


– Massive product range with options in the millions
– Low-cost pricing model
– Primarily international suppliers
– Large but less personalized


  • Hong Kong based
  • Ultra fast global shipping
  • Less US-based inventory
  • Prices in USD


  • UK based
  • Worldwide reach
  • Excellent support reviews
  • Mixed shipping speed feedback


  • Hong Kong suppliers
  • Massive product range
  • Slower international delivery
  • Optional custom branding


    • China based
    • Huge product catalog
    • Lower costs but slower shipping
    • Can customize packaging.
Platform Location Key Strengths Weaknesses
shopify logo


  • Multi-channel sales management
  • Advanced localization/translations
  • Highly customizable
  • Costly pricing long-term
  • Integration complexity

Spocket logoSpocket

  • 40k+ supplier & product catalog
  • Ship-from-warehouse model
  • Slower shipping times
  • Limited U.S. suppliers

Modalyst LogoModalyst

  • Streamlined U.S. fulfillment
  • Generous revenue sharing
  • Smaller product catalog
alidropship Logo


  • Millions of product variants
  • Low-cost pricing model
  • Mostly international suppliers
  • Less personalized
Easync dropshipping logo


Hong Kong
  • Ultra fast global delivery
  • Less US inventory
DropshippingXL logo


  • Global ecommerce reach
  • Top-rated support
  • Mixed shipping reviews
cj dropshipping logo

CJ Dropshipping

  • Huge product selection
  • Optional custom branding
  • 4-6 week delivery waits
DSers logo


  • Massive product catalog
  • Very affordable costs
  • Slow international shipping

These established platforms offer varying strengths around globalization, customization, sheer product breadth, or revenue share policies. But U.S. ecommerce brands would trade off some of those benefits for Sellvia’s faster fulfillment. Choose the best delivery/support/catalog balance fitting business goals!

What Sellvia Users Are Saying

As a relatively new player in ecommerce, Sellvia focuses intently on customer experience – earning positive member feedback:

Rave Reviews for Support Team

Many highlight the level of personal guidance and attention provided throughout the onboarding process:

“I’m impressed with how helpful Sellvia’s support staff is compared to other platforms. They walk beginners like me through each site setup step without making me feel bad for asking basic questions.”

“Sellvia isn’t the biggest name yet but their 1:1 support for every merchant helps them punch above their weight. I never waited more than 5 minutes for live chat answers!”

Simplicity Empowers Beginners

First-timers praise Sellvia eliminating common technical hurdles:

“As a total newbie, Sellvia made it easy to open my own store in under 30 minutes thanks to their step-by-step guidance and pre-built store templates.”

“I didn’t need any advanced skills to start selling professionally with Sellvia. The platform is intuitive enough for total beginners but still has growth potential for established sellers.”

Responsiveness to User Feedback

True to their vision empowering ecommerce merchants, Sellvia exhibits continued dedication to platform advancement based directly on user input:

Regular Software Improvements

Sellvia issues monthly product updates like bug fixes, feature tweaks, and interface changes per direct member feedback.

This iterative approach means the platform rapidly evolves to address pain points and better facilitate merchant growth goals.

Public Development Roadmap

Additionally, Sellvia maintains a public 18-month roadmap highlighting major upcoming capabilities informed by crowdsourced user input.

Top-requested expansions in progress cover:

  • Global shipping partners
  • Local pickup & return options
  • Multi-language site support
  • Retention marketing tools

This transparency keeps users excited anticipating marquee platform upgrades just over the horizon.

Ideas Portal Empowering the Community

Sellvia allows members to submit expansion ideas for product trajectory through an ideas portal funneling requests directly to leadership.

Top community suggestions drive tangible platform development -affirming users shape Sellvia’s advancement.

In summary, Sellvia cements merchant loyalty through continuous improvements, bold platform ambitions, and community inclusion guiding strategic direction.

Sellvia Sucess Stories

Welcome To The Success Stories Sellvia Is Happy To Share

Start your ecommerce business with Sellvia

The best testaments of Sellvia’s impact come directly from merchants growing thriving businesses upon their infrastructure:

Best Way to Start an Online Business in 2024

Jude Massillon is a top-level coach for elite athletes who decided to start an online business selling car accessories. He bought a ready-made AliDropship store and uses Sellvia to source products, which now brings in $4,500 in sales per week or $18,000 monthly. Jude felt starting an online store was a good way to diversify his income. He was initially uncertain when he only had 3 sales totaling $78 in the first few days, but sales took off once advertising kicked in. To drive traffic, he runs Facebook ads and creates targeted landing pages. Daily tasks involve checking sales and processing orders.

Jude has this to say about sellvia:

“With the store systems in place, it’s an easy thing to just focus on the sales. What I do is start the day with the store management so that I know what my current sales are…I try to begin and finish the day with some sales management to make sure everything’s right.”

you can read Jude’s story here.

Selling Just One Product Saved His Wife.

Samuel was an automotive technician who struggled with frequent job changes and periods of unemployment, especially during COVID-19. After losing his job while his wife was pregnant and battling health issues, Samuel stumbled upon dropshipping through a friend. Out of desperation, he launched a free trial online store selling vacuum cleaners through Sellvia and made 5 sales from his first TikTok ad in the first week, earning over $2,300. This provided a lifeline for his family as his wife went through postpartum depression. Now, months later, Samuel has made over 30 sales and continues to grow his store, crediting it with bringing happiness and stability during an incredibly difficult period.

Samuel has this to say about sellvia:

“I can’t express how much thankful I am to my son and my wife for all the support they’ve given me. They’ll probably never know how much.”

Read Samuel’s inspiring story here and hundreds of more Sellvia dropshipping success stories here

Results: In 5 months, John hit over $27,000 in monthly sales by letting Sellvia handle logistics while he focused fully on marketing.

Maximizing Sellvia’s Speed and Built-In Resources

How fully harness Sellvia’s key differentiators? A few areas to focus efforts:

Emphasize Fast Shipping Everywhere

Prominently display Sellvia’s 1-3 day processing and delivery badges across:

  • Product listings
  • Checkout pages
  • Packaging
  • Order confirmations

This signals a 5-10X shipping improvement over the competition to boost credibility.

Leverage Existing Promotional Materials First

Before investing in fully custom branding and assets, thoroughly test and iterate on Sellvia’s done-for-you ads and email funnel templates.

Use available resources to validate marketing messaging and campaigns before diversion creation efforts.

Structure More Items Per Order

Incentivize customers purchasing multiple products per order since Sellvia facilitates unusually fast delivery at low costs.

Consider bundling complementary items, pre-configuring frequent combinations, and offering tiered bulk discounts.

In summary, merchants that loudly tout Sellvia’s domestic speed, test supplied assets first, and maximize basket sizes stand to win big.

Sellvia Community and Support

Sellvia Community and Support

Sellvia surrounds merchants with robust assistance access and peer networking:

Comprehensive Support Channels

Sellvia maintains layered support mediums to address issues or questions promptly:

  • Email – 24 hour response time
  • Priority Email – Accelerated 4 hour response
  • Live Chat – Real-time answers during California business hours
  • Phone Support – Direct calling into Sellvia’s team

Peer Community Forums

Alongside formal assistance, Sellvia offers member-run channels for sharing wisdom:

  • Private Facebook Group – Discuss challenges, trends, and wins
  • Webinars – Tactical training on skill growth

Help Center & Online Courses

Rounding out self-service help, Sellvia provides step-by-step education via:

Sellvia surrounds entrepreneurs with layered formal and community-driven support assets.

In Closing: Evaluate Sellvia Against Your Goals

In the end, Sellvia aims to modernize ecommerce merchant experiences by consolidating the most impactful retail infrastructure capabilities under one roof.

Key Takeaways:

For U.S. online sellers needing reliable domestic order automation and shipping, Sellvia drives tremendous time and money savings by:

  • Automating backend workflows to focus innovation on customer-facing growth.
  • Leveraging American warehouses to guarantee exceptionally fast 1-3 day delivery.
  • Providing proven, high-converting product listings with existing social proof.

We encourage those interested to take Sellvia for a free 14-day test drive without commitment. Compare capabilities against your specific business objectives. While Sellvia shines for US-centric models, think if limitations around global reach or customization flexibility outweigh the benefits of unified domestic infrastructure for your vision.

 I wish you all the best in your dropshipping endeavors and please share if this was of value to you. remain blessed.