15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2023

Are you looking for the best social media marketing tools in 2023? Check out this list of the top 15 social media marketing tools to help you grow your business.

The way digital marketing experts exchange content and expand the reach of organizations toward a profitable ROI is changing thanks to social media marketing tools. It’s safe to say that social media has already significantly altered marketing. 

Why is Social Media Marketing Important? 

Social media marketing has proven to be one of the most cost-effective web marketing methods. Social media allows you to increase your visibility and brand awareness at very low or no cost. 

With 84% of B2B marketers embracing social media marketing to increase business revenue, you’ll be an outlier if you ignore it. 

You need to go above and beyond to grow your social media initiatives. You cannot become a social media guru unless you have some essential marketing tools at your disposal. 

The right social media tools can help you improve your content development and marketing efficiency

It has advanced to where you may use them to schedule posts at the optimal moment. You can also track the efficacy of your ads and use the actionable information you gain to improve your social presence. 

At the Beastmode affiliate weekly meeting, we’ve been having thought-provoking talks about the many social media platforms that effectively drive business success. 

These chats sparked the idea for this post. 

You can contact us for digital marketing tutoring if you are new to social media marketing

These 15 social media tools for increasing engagement, conversion, and profitability have been proven and are available to Nigerian brands. 

Still, pondering which social media marketing tools are right for your company? Let’s go deep right now.

Top Online Marketers’ Social Media Marketing Tools 

1. Mention 

Mention is a very comprehensive social listening tool. It allows you to track mentions of your brand, products, or even competitors in real-time. 

It could be one of the most effective tools to improve your web visibility. 

Mention makes it simple to remain on top of the conversation. You can respond to social media comments and mentions from the platform

You can track what people say about your brand and your competitors on the internet. Mention keeps an eye on what the web is saying about your brand and keywords connected to your sector. 

Finally, Mention can help you locate significant influencers in your niche for influencer marketing campaigns and analyze your competition on the fly. 

2. Buffer 

Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools: buffer
Buffer is a social media automation tool.

Buffer outperforms other social media scheduling tools because of its clean UI and simple analytical features. We’ve used this application for years to manage client social media profiles. 

Buffer lets you share information across many accounts and platforms from a single dashboard. 

With the help of a Chrome extension, it is now possible to distribute content across various channels simultaneously. If you’re a newbie to social media marketing, visiting their blog is a helpful place to start. 

They have excellent social media guides and case studies to assist you. 

Buffer’s excellent analytics allow it to monitor and measure key KPIs across all platforms where content is exchanged. 

If you’re searching for a powerful solution for managing social media for businesses, Buffer is the way to go. 

Aside from content distribution, you may also use advanced statistics to track the performance of your content across several platforms. 

However, these analytical tools are only available in the subscription edition. 

3. Canva 

Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools; canva
Canva free online design tool

Canva has made graphic design extremely simple. The cool part is that you don’t need any graphic design abilities to use Canva. It includes excellent pre-made layouts and stunning visuals that you can use straight away.

It allows you to create visually stunning campaign creatives. Use it to spice up your content so that more people like and share your social media postings. 

Canva is the most user-friendly tool for creating eye-catching, web-optimized visuals with photos and text. It remains one of the most widely used and effective social media marketing platforms. 

The interface is extremely simple to use, with complete flexibility over font and color and picture editing and positioning. 

It can produce social media posts, CVs, YouTube thumbnails, eBook covers, posters, logos, presentations, and a variety of other things. 

It is free to use with these features, but there is also a pro version. 

4. Biteable 

Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools: biteable
Top Online Marketer’s Social Media Marketing Tools: biteable

Create brand videos with biteable. Generating content for social media is an essential component of the game. On Twitter, visual material receives three times the engagement of plain text. 

As a result, solid visual content might help you capture the attention of your target audience. 

Using Biteable, you can easily create exciting and educational short movies to post on social media. 

Several free video templates, footage, music, and animated scenes are available on the platform. Biteable is a lifesaver for anybody who generates studio-quality material without investing in costly resources such as film or sound recording equipment. 

Biteable is one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective tools of its kind on the market. Most functions are available even in the free edition (upgrading to premium will not break the bank). 

So, why not spice up your content and boost your social media presence with some short, super-shareable videos? 

5. Zapier 

Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools 
Top Online Marketer’s Social Media Marketing Tools: integrate your tools with Zapier with ease

Zapier is a fantastic online tool that allows you to build automatic activities by linking various business and productivity apps with no coding required. 

As an internet marketer, you use various business and productivity tools, and it is necessary to link them all. 

You may connect Facebook leads straight to your email marketing program. 

Consider receiving a fresh lead from your Facebook Advertising and concurrently exporting it to Mailchimp without writing a single line of code. 

Zapier is a powerful integration tool that helps you save time and money while keeping you organized. 

6. Sprout Social 

If you want to use fewer logins while still accomplishing key activities on social media, Sprout Social is the tool for you. Communicating with your target audience is critical to up your social game and keeping your consumers satisfied. 

Sprout is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools and shares many capabilities with Buffer. 

Sprout Social makes it simple to start social discussions and engage in online activities. It provides multi-level access, allowing you to assign responsibilities if you have a large staff. 

The complete analytics dashboard assists managers in staying on top of online interactions and assisting and nurturing them through timely responses to comments and requests. 

7. Brand24 

Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools: brand24
Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools: brand24

Brand24 provides you with fast access to mentions of your brand on the internet. What are others saying about your company? 

Consider spending hours each week (or even daily) meticulously tracking both positive and negative brand mentions. You will waste a lot of time. Instead, let Brand24 handle the work while you focus on other things. 

Rather than manually searching social networks for brand mentions, this social media marketing tool offers you real-time information on anything spoken about your business. You can also use this tool to keep track of your competitors. 

As an online marketer, you can’t truly reap the benefits of social media unless you recognize the need to connect with your target audience actively. A successful campaign entails more than simply uploading material and hoping for the best. 

Brand24 enables you to safeguard your online reputation, improve engagement, and take advantage of positive and negative comments. 

8. BuzzSumo 

Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools; buzzsumo
Top Online Marketer’s Social Media Marketing Tools: keep track of what’s popular in your profession on social media and search terms


BuzzSumo is one of the most effective tools for monitoring what’s trending in your field on social media and search phrases. 

With a few keyword searches, you may uncover what your target audiences like and start brainstorming fresh blog posts and content ideas to offer. 

This is one of the most potent weapons in any social media marketing expert’s arsenal. It gives you insight into top-performing content and allows you to draw inspiration from it. 

You can also search for a topic or keywords to see what the best-performing posts look like across categories. As a result, your BuzzSumo search may be quite precise. 

9. HootSuite 

If there is one social networking tool on this list that you have most likely heard of or used, it is HootSuite. It is a simple but effective tool that allows you to publish the same information on many channels simultaneously. 

Schedules, social media management, and content production have never been easier with this social media platform. 

It, too, offers some helpful automated tools that can help you be more productive, similar to Buffer. You may use Hootsuite to schedule future posts on various social media networks. 

Its analytics dashboard allows you to measure content interaction and receive data for optimization

Finally, HootSuite can now assist users in creating customized campaigns, competitions, and curated collections of user-generated content across several platforms. 

10. Rival IQ 

It’s challenging to stand out on social media, let alone keep up with social insights. This can be quite time-consuming when you switch between platforms, browse through tabs, and prepare specialized reports. 

Rival IQ aggregates these engagement indicators into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. 

This tool allows you to compare your social engagement rates and best-performing content to those of the rivals you’ve chosen. 

You can select your social network to receive a customized report on your performance with automatic and bespoke reporting

Quick access to this information empowers you to make critical decisions about your social media strategy even more quickly. 

If you are one of the 60% of marketers that create at least one piece of content per day (or more), the ability to analyze your effectiveness (and adjust your plan) is critical to prevent wasting money and time. 

11. Feedly 

Feedly; content discovery tool

Feedly, like BuzzSumo, is a helpful content discovery tool, although it works slightly differently. Feedly allows you to place your content ideas on autopilot. Feedly will construct a daily “magazine” with all its material, sorted by topic, if you add the RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and writers in your specialty. 

Furthermore, it is the ideal approach to keep up with what niche influencers discuss and current industry trends. Following industry trends can help shape your content strategy and social media posting schedule. 

The tool is fantastic since it integrates easily with scheduling apps like Buffer and Hootsuite. 

You’ll never run out of material to share on your social media pages if you use Feedly. 

12. IFTTT 

Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools; IFTTT
Top Online Marketer’s Social Media Marketing Tools; IFTTT

Did you ever think you could use the top social media marketing tools for free? 

This is not a joke. It’s known as IFTTT

It has a strange name, but IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That.” 

This social media marketing tool lets you identify basic ‘applets’ that generate a single time-saving auto-response to a pre-set condition. 

IFTTT features an extensive library of ‘recipes’ that connect certain activities, initiating one activity when another is initiated. 

As an example, 

  • When your name is mentioned on Quora, you will receive an email. 

  • If you receive a good tweet, automatically retweet it. 

  • You automatically reply with a DM request if you receive a nasty tweet. 

  • Receive notifications when major influencers use specific hashtags. 

  • Every Instagram post is instantly shared on Twitter. 

  • Add your brand to a dedicated Google Sheet every time it is mentioned. 

When these minor acts are combined, they may save you a lot of time and keep you productive. All you have to do is get into the habit of utilizing them. 

13. Fanpage Karma 

Top Online Marketers Social Media Marketing Tools; Fanpage Karma
Top Online Marketer’s Social Media Marketing Tools: everything you need to manage social media professionally:


Fanpage Karma is a social media marketing tool that allows you to track any Facebook page. It provides insight, assists in the generation of reports, and aids in the optimization of your social media marketing approach. 

This social networking tool allows you to monitor and track the fan pages you control and competing fan pages. 

You may use this tool to follow a limitless amount of fan pages, whether you own those pages or another page in your specialty. This is true whether you’re an administrator of the page or not. 

FollowerWonk is one of the most powerful Twitter-specific social media tools. If you already have a powerful presence on Twitter and run social media campaigns, this is a must-have tool for increasing your online interaction and exposure

This application also includes key performance metrics and insights dashboards that can be used to optimize Facebook fan pages. 

14. FollowerWonk

Top Online Marketer's Social Media Marketing Tools:  Free URL shortener for creating excellent URLs for your business. Followerwonk is one of the best Twitter-specific social media tools.
Top Online Marketer’s Social Media Marketing Tools: the best Twitter-specific social media tools.

You can monitor and optimize your Twitter audience with this social media marketing tool. FollowerWonk does this by deliberately suggesting people to follow based on your current audience, thus assisting you in growing your followers.

15. Bit.ly 

Top Online Marketer's Social Media Marketing Tools:  Free URL shortener for creating excellent URLs for your business.
Top Online Marketer’s Social Media Marketing Tools: Free URL shortener for creating excellent URLs for your business.

Make your marketing efforts even more trackable with bit.ly. Every internet marketing campaign you start should be tracked and measured. 

With Bit.ly, you can make your marketing efforts even more trackable. Bit.ly is well-known as a URL shortener but offers more than simply attractive URLs. 

It also allows you to have customizable shortened URLs by utilizing the API. 

Using a Bitly link allows you to track statistics and gain insights for a single post from a single source rather than aggregating click-throughs from other sites. 

Final thoughts 

Social media tools are continually growing, with new applications and platforms being created virtually every day to aid your social marketing efforts. 

Not every tool applies, and not every tool provides the needed capability. Depending on your company’s goals and target audience, some are more significant than others. 

Examine your social media strategy in light of your company’s goals, your platforms, and how you employ them. This can assist you in narrowing down the list of tools to concentrate on. 

These social media platforms should be those that are most likely to assist you in scaling customer experience and increasing engagement. 

These social media platforms should be those that are most likely to assist you in scaling customer experience and increasing engagement.