Top Crypto Affiliate Programs

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs to Watch in 2024 (5 Examples)

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If you want to create a recurring cash stream, you might want to consider joining a crypto affiliate network. However, if you are new to the sector, you may be unsure where to begin.

The good news is that there are several trustworthy programs to pick from. Narrowing down your selections to the top ones will save you time and help you choose the finest companies for your audience.

This article will look at cryptocurrency affiliate schemes and their perks. We’ll look at some of the best solutions for your website. Let’s get started!

A Guide to Crypto Affiliate Programs

Cryptocurrency, sometimes abbreviated as crypto, is a digital or virtual asset intended to function as a medium of trade. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means governments or financial institutions do not control them.

A marketing partnership between two parties, a merchant and a publisher, is known as an affiliate program. The merchant (or firm) agrees to pay a commission to the publisher (or affiliate) for introducing users to their website.

The commission is often a percentage of the transaction value of the client. It is paid when a customer purchases or opens an account with the retailer.

Joining a cryptocurrency affiliate program has several advantages. Every customer you recommend might earn you a commission. You can choose from several payment options, such as PayPal, bank transfer, or even cryptocurrencies.

Finally, several schemes provide commissions for life; you’ll continue to earn a commission on every purchase your referrals make for years to come.

5 Top Crypto Affiliate Programs for 2024

Now, look at some of the best crypto affiliate programs you can join in 2024.

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1. Coinbase

The Coinbase affiliate program page.

Coinbase, founded in 2012, is one of the most prominent bitcoin brokerage and trading services. Users may buy bitcoin using various methods, including bank accounts, credit and debit cards.

Coinbase features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to trade in several cryptocurrencies. Litecoin, XRP, and Ethereum are examples. The site has almost 100 million users from over 100 different countries.

Key features of the Coinbase affiliate program:

  • 50% commission for the first three months
  • Insurance coverage of up to $250,000 is available.
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Local flat currency

To start with Coinbase, you must first apply for the affiliate program by filling out the website form. You will be given a unique affiliate link to promote the brand if accepted.

2. Binance

Binance, one of the top crypto affiliate programs.

Binance is another excellent program to consider. Binance, one of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, allows users to trade over 45 virtual coins.

With the Binance affiliate program, you can give your referrals a commission ranging from 5% to 20%. This may be a fantastic incentive for users to join via your links.

Key features of the Binance affiliate program:

  • A lifetime commission rate of up to 50%
  • 90-day cookie window for spot trading and futures trading
  • When you invite over 500 traders, they increase the commission by 50%.
  • Referrals are unlimited.
  • Tracking affiliate links

Fill out the form on the Binance website to apply for the affiliate program. You will receive an email with the following steps: It’s vital to know that you must satisfy a few requirements. A minimum of 5,000 followers/subscribers on at least one major social media network is required.

3. Coinmama

The Coinmama affiliate program.

If you wish to sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the Coinmama affiliate program is a good choice. Coinmama was founded in 2013 as a brokerage for customers wishing to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it can now track the popularity of Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, XRP, DOGE, and other digital currencies.

The disadvantage is that brokers charge a commission. Typically, this ends up being approximately 6% more than if you traded privately.

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Key features of the Coinmama affiliate program:

  • 15% off all referral purchases
  • There are no earnings restrictions.
  • The fiat money
  • Payments are made monthly.

To get started with Coinmama, complete the website’s form. Joining the program is entirely free.

4. Trezor

The Trezor affiliate website.

If you’re familiar with the crypto world, you’ve probably heard about Trezor. This hardware wallet allows you to store your cryptocurrency offline securely. Its affiliate program allows you to pay out in Bitcoin and store cash on the blockchain rather than in a bank account.

Key features of the Trezor affiliate program:

  • Affiliate commissions for referrals range from 12 to 15%.
  • Payouts through Bitcoin or bank transfer
  • Promotional materials (banners, videos, texts)

Trezor also allows you to generate free Bitcoins. However, because hardware wallets are one-time purchases, expect one-time commissions.

5. CoinLedger

The CoinLedger crypto affiliate site.

CoinLedger is bitcoin tax software that allows you to integrate exchanges and wallets while also calculating your taxes effortlessly. Its affiliate network has built a devoted following by providing a beneficial product to crypto investors.

Key features of the CoinLedger affiliate program:

  • Recurring commissions of up to 25%
  • PayPal payments in fiat currency
  • Promotional marketing materials
  • Processing of monthly payments

To participate in the CoinLedger affiliate program, you must create an account on the website. Then you can fill out the form to start the registration process.


Joining a cryptocurrency affiliate network is a brilliant way to boost your earnings because many bitcoin firms pay large referral commissions.

To summarize, the following are the top cryptocurrency affiliate programs in 2022:

  1. Coinbase: This excellent and well-known platform provides a 50% commission for the first three months.
  2. Binance: is an excellent choice if you have a substantial social following.
  3. Coinmama: is a program that requires no membership or enrollment costs.
  4. Trezor: This hardware wallet might be a good fit if you want to earn a commission on one-time purchases.
  5. CoinLedger: A popular affiliate program where you can offer helpful tax software to crypto investors.