Top Online Business Resources To Use In 2022

On this page, I’ve included all of the tools that I use in my business, some of which I’ve purchased outright (Lifetime Membership) and others that I pay for every month. 

All of the tools listed below have helped me organize my workflow and become more productive as an SEO/Digital Marketer. 

So, without further ado, I hope you find this useful: 

All of the tools listed here are suited for anyone wishing to launch a website and begin SEO, link-building, and social media management.

In addition, because I operate these types of companies, I’ve added a section just for Amazon Affiliates & Dropshippers/E-commerce-store owners.

Tools for Every Entrepreneur and Online Business 

Web Hosting

BlueHost – Free domain, 1-click WordPress installation, free SSL certification, and 24-hour customer service: From $2.95 per month 

FastComet –From $2.95/month, you get a free domain, SSD cloud hosting, Cloudflare CDN, and 24/7 customer support, as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

HostgatorAffordably priced web hosting, a reputable company, a 45-day money-back guarantee, 99.9% uptime, and 24-hour customer support: From $2.75 per month

SEO Toolbox 

SERPChecker is a comprehensive SEO tool that can assist you with website analysis, competition analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, and auditing. Overall, it’s a terrific tool that I generally use in conjunction with Google Search Console to see where my website ranks and what potential keywords I might target that my rivals are already ranking for.

It also has some handy features such as:

Google Analytics integration – which allows you to see how your site performs across various devices and browsers

Automatic monitoring – so you don’t have to manually refresh SERPChecker when you’ve updated your site or added new pages

SEO Audit tool – which allows you to see exactly what needs improving on your site


FCS NetworkerA link-building tool that is cloud-based and allows you to establish high authority web 2.0 platforms and social profiles that link back to your website. The tool includes an account/web 2.0 creator that automates the creation of web 2.0s (such as Tumblr, Weebly, Blogzet, Altdesign, Diigo, Issuu, and others), as well as a scheduling/management function that makes it possible to create the link-building strategy (tiered, link wheel, and pyramid) and drip-feed the process. 

Link Indexing

Index Inject  –A cloud-based indexer that is my secret weapon for indexing links from FCSNetworker and other fresh links on Tier 1 and Tier 2. Its user-friendly interface allows you to simply drip-feed the indexation of backlinks to your website or tier 1 entities. 

Rank Tracking

SERPWatcher is an SEO ranking analyzer that allows you to track your own website’s rankings and those of your competitors. It not only allows you to track your own website’s rankings but also those of your competitors.

The SERPWatcher SEO rank analyzer has a simple interface, allowing you to monitor multiple websites at once. It also provides a graph showing the overall ranking of the site along with other information such as Google indexing status, backlink URL, and more.

The SERPWatcher SEO rank analyzer is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to monitor their website’s rankings in Google or Yahoo! SERP, whether it’s for personal use or for business purposes.

Social Media Management 

PromoRepublic – A social media brainstorming and post-scheduling tool hosted in the cloud. This tool is extremely beneficial for businesses that see possibilities in gaining traffic from social media channels (e-commerce, professionals, agencies, and so on). It provides you with highly engaging content that is tailored to your industry, as well as upcoming events and holidays that are both general and industry-specific. 

Furthermore, PromoRepublic gives customers the optimum posting schedule based on their own acquired data, which is critical for interaction and engagement. 

Shorby  – So, you have many Instagram posts that might be talking about different products/content on your website, but you only have one link on your Instagram profile… You can see the problem here; you can’t connect to two or more sites at the same time, can you? 

Shorby, in my opinion, is incredibly valuable for businesses that are active on Instagram and want to funnel people to certain pages on their website at the same time. 

Tools for Every Affiliate Marketer on Amazon 


Prosociate –You can easily and quickly design, build, and run Amazon Affiliate and eBay Affiliate online stores with the use of a plugin. Without your involvement, the plugin automatically modifies the cost of your products each day by Amazon’s rules. 

Affiliate Egg –Another plugin to assist you in building a website with more blog-like content and price comparison features that can advertise things on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. The plugin is simple to use and has several shortcode options for speedy operation. 

Tools for Every Dropshipper & E-commerce Store 


Which content management system is better for dropshipping/e-commerce stores is a topic of frequent discussion. WordPress is my preferred blogging platform because it’s user-friendly and affordable every month. 

I do know a few Ecom business owners, though, who Favor Shopify because of its slick UI and drag-and-drop Features. 


AliDropship Plugin (With a 25% discount) – Alidropship is a startup that has created a WordPress plugin to assist expedite the process of developing and operating a dropshipping store that links with Aliexpress. Overall, this is an excellent plugin, and I’ve written an Alidropship Review post that covers both the normal WordPress plugin and the WooCommerce-compatible plugin. 

AliDropship also offers a Custom Store Creation Service for people who don’t want to conduct their niche research and website creation, including product placement. 


Shopify offers a variety of price levels to fit its consumers’ needs. Because of its slick layout and efficiency, several entrepreneurs choose Shopify over WordPress. I, on the other hand, Favor WordPress. 

Any future updates for this post? 

With fresh product reviews and changes in online business strategy, we’ll be reviewing new products in the next months and years. As a result, if we feel the need to implement one of these pieces of software, we will update this article! 

So, save the page and regularly check back!