Top WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

Managing affiliate links becomes tedious without the proper tools. This post discusses 6 WordPress plugins that optimize affiliate efforts - ThirstyAffiliates helps with cloaking and management while Pretty Links shortens links keeping your brand visible. MonsterInsights provides analytics tracking affiliate link clicks and sales performance.

Starting an affiliate website is a great way to earn passive income. However, managing affiliate links can be challenging without the proper tools. In this post, we’ll discuss 6 of the best WordPress affiliate plugins that can help optimize your affiliate efforts.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where publishers are compensated for driving sales or leads to a merchant. While it allows online entrepreneurs to profit from other companies’ products, managing the process can become tedious if done manually. Key tasks like tracking clicks, placing links, and analyzing data are essential but time-consuming.

If you don’t use the right tools to automate repetitive jobs, you may find it difficult to keep up with your affiliate links’ performance. Struggling to monitor affiliate stats also makes it hard to improve strategies and increase earnings over time.

Here is where WordPress affiliate plugins become invaluable. By installing optimized tools designed for affiliate marketing, you can streamline many management processes. You’ll also gain valuable insights into how links perform on your site. With the right plugins, it’s easier to experiment with effective placements and best practices.

In this post, we’ll recommend 6 of the best WordPress plugins for optimizing affiliate marketing efforts. Using one or more tools can make the most of your affiliate website.

1. ThirstyAffiliates: Cloaking and Management Plugin

As discussed earlier, one of the premium plugins for optimizing affiliate links in WordPress is ThirstyAffiliates. A leader in the affiliate space, ThirstyAffiliates has risen to become a favourite among digital marketers for its exceptional cloaking and link management abilities.

ThirstyAffiliates plugin, Top WordPress Affiliate Plugins
Top WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Affiliate Marketing: ThirstyAffiliates plugin

The purpose of ThirstyAffiliates is multi-fold. Firstly, it allows link cloaking, disguising your affiliate URLs to protect valuable information like affiliate IDs and tracking details. Cloaking affiliate links in this way makes them appear more credible and trustworthy to site visitors.

Additionally, ThirstyAffiliates shortens long links for a cleaner look. Through its shortening process, abbreviated URLs can still redirect users appropriately while maintaining your brand or domain name. This adds credibility which is crucial for encouraging clicks.

In terms of management, ThirstyAffiliates acts as an all-in-one solution. Key features include adding affiliate links to WordPress pages, posts, comments and more. After gaining clicks, the plugin also generates detailed reports on your link performance. Additional perks are geolocation links, automatic keyword linking, and a built-in 404 checker.

Perhaps the best part is ThirstyAffiliates’ accessibility – it can be downloaded and used and used for free. However, for advanced reporting or Amazon API features, a reasonable Pro upgrade is available starting from $79.50. Overall, this trusted plugin packs a powerful suite of tools for marketers at all levels.

With strong cloaking abilities and a user-friendly interface, ThirstyAffiliates proves itself a valuable addition for affiliate site managers. The plugin makes your links credible while streamlining important tracking and optimization tasks. Exceptional results are within easier reach for affiliates using this premium WordPress tool.

2. Pretty Links: Link Shortening and Branding

Pretty Links is another useful tool created by the ThirstyAffiliates team focused on optimizing affiliate links. Unlike many link shorteners that generate random nonsense strings, Pretty Links allows you to maintain your domain visibility by shortening links using your own website address.

Pretty Links plugin
Pretty Links plugin

This unique feature of Pretty Links allows you to clean up long, ugly affiliate URLs while still presenting a sense of legitimacy and trust to your readers. By keeping your brand front and centre in shortened links, visitors are more likely to feel comfortable clicking through to make a purchase.

In addition to shortening links, Pretty Links also enables the use of 301, 302, and 307 redirects to control where shortened links send users. This redirect capability is important for maintaining traffic to important pages on your site. For example, you could use a 301 permanent redirect to send shortened links straight to an affiliate landing page whilst keeping your domain visible.

Overall, Pretty Links offers an edge over other link shorteners by empowering affiliates to customize links based on their domain. This makes links feel naturally integrated with the rest of your site content.

The plugin is available for free to try out basic link tracking and reporting. However, advanced features such as automatic keyword linking and additional redirect types require a premium license starting from $99.50 per year. For serious affiliate marketers, this small investment unlocks more customization to help drive traffic and sales through optimized links branded with your domain.

3. MonsterInsights: Analytics and Tracking Plugin

One of the most important tools for any affiliate marketer is tracking the performance of their links. That’s where MonsterInsights comes in as one of the best solutions for adding analytics capabilities to your WordPress site.

MonsterInsights plugin
MonsterInsights plugin

MonsterInsights makes it easy for bloggers to start using Google Analytics simply by installing the plugin. From there, you can begin tracking important affiliate metrics like clicks on your promotional links. The plugin also provides e-commerce tracking, making it a valuable option for online store owners to generate sales through referrals.

Some key features offered by MonsterInsights include click tracking for affiliate links, banner advertisements, and outbound links. This tracking functionality gives invaluable insight into what type of content and promotions are driving traffic. Additionally, MonsterInsights integrates seamlessly with other popular plugins like Pretty Links and ThirstyAffiliates for comprehensive affiliate link management.

Speaking of integrations, MonsterInsights also pulls data into the WordPress dashboard through an intuitive Google Analytics reports interface. With everything consolidated in one place, you have a clear view of how campaigns and tools are improving the performance of your site.

The best part is you can download MonsterInsights’ free version to take advantage of these analytics features. However, those wanting advanced tracking capabilities and reports may consider an affordable annual subscription starting from $99.50. For serious affiliate marketers, this small investment unlocks powerful insights to optimize strategy and maximize profits.

4. AdSanity: Ad Management and Optimization Plugin

For any affiliate marketer looking to supplement their earnings, running ads on their website is a smart strategy. To get the most out of these efforts, AdSanity provides an effective ad management solution.

AdSanity plugin
AdSanity plugin

As an all-in-one plugin, AdSanity streamlines the process of building new advertisements with its intuitive interface. With a few simple clicks, affiliates can craft ads leveraging their referral links. Leveraging this capability, one is able to better promote products tailored to their audience.

Once ads are published on the site, AdSanity also takes the guesswork out of tracking performance. Its built-in analytics provide graphical stats on important metrics like impressions, clicks and revenue. This level of insight allows affiliates to optimize lower-performing ads over time.

What’s more, AdSanity is coded for lightweight loading. So affiliates rest assured their ads won’t bog down site speed. With fast load times, one is able to engage visitors and maximize advertising revenue.

Pricing starts very reasonably too, with plans from just ₦59,000 Naira annually. This Basic package provides the core plugin and extras like Google Analytics integration and custom ad sizes. Affiliates monitoring multiple websites may also want to consider premium options.

AdSanity proves a valuable plugin for any affiliate wanting to build a supplementary income stream through online advertising. Its feature-packed yet affordable solution optimizes ad management with ease.

5. AAWP: Amazon Affiliate Link Automation

As any Amazon affiliate can tell you, product prices and availability are constantly changing on the world’s largest online marketplace. Keeping your site’s promotions up to date manually is nearly impossible.

Top WordPress Affiliate Plugins, AAWP affiliate plugin
AAWP affiliate plugin

This is where AAWP truly shines as a WordPress plugin. It gives affiliates an automated solution for refreshing their Amazon listings. With a single installation, AAWP ensures site visitors always see accurate product titles, descriptions, pricing and discounts for the things they advertise.

Some key features of AAWP include built-in automated lists. These present recommendations for bestsellers or new releases that update dynamically. Affiliates can also leverage AAWP’s text link functionality for blogs and content sites.

Beyond this, AAWP understands international visitors are important too. Its geotargeting capabilities display the appropriate Amazon storefront based on a user’s location. Pre-designed templates furthermore let affiliates customize promotions seamlessly across different pages.

Pricing for AAWP’s premium plugin is reasonable for any budget. Starting from 13,000 Naira annually for solo users, affiliates gain complete access. This provides the core plugin along with lifetime upgrades and support. More advanced plans are also affordable for teams or high-volume sites.

AAWP saves affiliated marketers a huge time managing their Amazon presence. With its set of automated features, affiliates rest assured site visitors always see relevant, truthful product information too. This is a worthwhile investment for any wishing to grow their marketplace referral business.

6. Easy Affiliate: Creating Your Own Affiliate Program

For those owning an online business and looking to profit from referrals, Easy Affiliate provides an excellent solution. This WordPress plugin offers a complete platform to manage your own affiliate partners and promotions.

Easy Affiliate plugin, Top WordPress Affiliate Plugins
Top WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Affiliate Marketing: Easy Affiliate plugin

With Easy Affiliate installed you can concentrate on growing your network of referrers. The plugin handles all the important tracking tasks behind the scenes. Marketers benefit from real-time reports on clicks, sales and earnings through intuitive dashboards.

Payment is also simplified. Easy Affiliate supports one-click payouts through PayPal, removing hassle. And its built-in fraud detection tools guard against unauthorized activity to protect your brand.

Built for high-volume sites, Easy Affiliate scales smoothly. It integrates tightly with prominent e-commerce tools too. Plugins like WooCommerce and MonsterInsights let referral data sync seamlessly into your operations.

Pricing starts very reasonably from ₦99,550 yearly for solo entrepreneurs. But even larger businesses gain good value through competitive team packages. Best of all, ongoing support is included to ensure optimum performance.

Easy Affiliate handles administration so you can promote your affiliate offers hassle-free. Real-time statistics also help optimize strategies over time. For any serious about recovering referrer commissions, this is a worthwhile investment indeed!


In summary, using the right WordPress plugins is crucial for optimizing any affiliate marketing website. By automating tasks, tracking performance, and streamlining management – plugins boost efficiency across the board.

Whether you need link cloaking to protect earnings, detailed analytics, or the ability to run your own affiliate program – there is a plugin tailored to specific needs.

ThirstyAffiliates: cloaks links to protect your affiliate information and commissions.

Pretty Links: Shorten and personalize affiliate links to match your brand.

MonsterInsights: provides important analytics on how your affiliate links are performing.

AdSanity: Place affiliate links in click-worthy advertisements throughout your site.

AAWP: Automate the constantly changing information on your Amazon affiliate links.

Easy Affiliate: When you’re ready to create your own affiliate program to promote your online business.

Affiliate marketing demands constant monitoring of links, sales, referrals and more besides. These plugins lend a helping hand by handling the bookkeeping. Their reporting features also provide actionable insights. With their aid, affiliates can rapidly improve strategies based on real-time data.

For serious people in the field of affiliate business, the plugins discussed today offer rock-solid foundations. Readers would do well to investigate each solution thoroughly. Different circumstances call for different optimized tools, so take time to match plugin strengths with individual requirements.

Overall, applying the right automation frees up focus for the important creative and engagement tasks. With plug-and-play services supporting their efforts, online mark